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Operating Your Bosch Drive Unit; Safety Rules - Bosch Active Line Owner's Manual

The bosch drive system (20 mph), drive unit
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Safety Rules

Read and understand all safety warnings and
instructions. Failure to follow the warnings be-
low could result in death or serious injury.
Save all safety warnings and instructions for future ref-
The term "battery pack" used in these operating instruc-
tions refers both to standard battery packs (battery packs
with holder on the bike frame) and to rack-type battery
packs (battery packs with holder in the rear rack/carrier).
 Do not open the drive unit yourself. The drive unit
must be repaired only by qualified experts and only
with original spare parts. This will ensure that the safe-
ty of the drive unit is maintained. Unauthorized opening
of the drive unit will void warranty claims.
 All components attached to the drive unit and all oth-
er components of the eBike drive (e.g., the chain-
wheel, chainwheel seat, pedals) may be replaced on-
ly with identical components or components
specifically approved for your eBike by the bicycle
manufacturer. This protects the drive unit against over-
load and damage.
 Remove the battery pack from the eBike before begin-
ning work (e.g. inspection, repair, assembly, mainte-
nance, work on the chain, etc.) on the eBike, trans-
porting it by car or plane, or storing it. Unintentional
activation of the eBike system poses a risk of injury.
0 275 U07 ADC | (21.4.16)

Operating your Bosch Drive Unit

 The eBike system can switch itself on when the eBike
is pushed backwards.
 Using the walk assistance function is only recom-
mended when pushing the eBike. There is risk of injury
if the wheels of the eBike are not in contact with the
ground while using the walk assistance.
 While using the walk assistance, the pedals will ro-
tate on bikes with back-pedaling function. Due to the
risk of injury, please make sure that your body is a suffi-
cient distance away from the rotating pedals.
 Use only original Bosch battery packs approved for
your eBike by the manufacturer. Using other battery
packs can lead to injuries and pose a fire hazard. When
using other battery packs, the warranty is void and
Bosch shall not assume any liability.
 Do not make any modifications to your eBike system
or attach any other products which would be suitable
for increasing the performance of your eBike sys-
tem. Unauthorized modification of the system could re-
sult in death or serious injury.
 Please follow all local, state and federal regulations
when registering and using eBikes.
 Read and observe the safety warnings and instruc-
tions in all operating instructions of the eBike sys-
tem and your eBike.
Bosch eBike Systems


Table of Contents

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