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Safety Instructions; Product Maintenance; Troubeshooting; Mounting Bracket - GE 20314 User Manual

1.32 m (52 in.) treviso led lighted ceiling fan
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Here are some suggestions to help you maintain your fan.
Because of the fan's natural movement, some connections
may become loose. Check the support connections, brackets,
and blade attachments twice a year. Make sure they are
secure. (It is not necessary to remove fan from ceiling.)
Clean your fan periodically to help maintain its new
appearance over the years. Use only a soft brush or lint-free
cloth to avoid scratching the fi nish. The plating is sealed with
a lacquer to minimize discolouration or tarnishing. Do not
use water when cleaning. This could damage the motor, the
wood, or possibly cause an electrical shock.
You can apply a light coat of furniture polish to the wood
blades for additional protection and enhanced beauty. Cover
small scratches with a light application of shoe polish.
There is no need to oil your fan. The motor has permanently
lubricated sealed ball bearings.


Fan will not start
Fan sounds noisy
The LED will not light
Remote control
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and is under license by SQL Lighting and Fans, LLC
4400 North Point Parkway, Suite 154, Alpharetta, GA 30022

Safety Instructions

-Check main and branch circuit fuses or breakers.
-Check line wire connections to the fan in the switch housing.
-Check to make sure the wall switch is in the on position.
-Make sure all motor housing screws are snug.
-Make sure the screws that attach the fan blade bracket to the motor hub is tight.
-Make sure wire nut connections are not rattling against each other or the interior wall
of the switch housing.
-Allow a 24-hour "breaking-in" period. Most noises associated with a new fan
disappear during this time.
-If using a ceiling fan light kit, make sure the screws securing the glassware are tight.
Check that the light bulb is also secure.
-Make sure there is a short distance from the ceiling to the canopy. It should not touch
the ceiling.
-Make sure your ceiling box is secure and rubber isolator pads are used between
mounting bracket and outlet box.
-Ensure the 2-pin connector is attached/inserted correctly.
-Ensure the power supply is turned on.
-Ensure the circuit breaker is to "ON" position.
-Ensure batteries are new and installed correctly.
-Pairing the remote control by following the pairing procedure on page 13 item 5.
WARNING: Make sure the power is
off at the electrical panel box before
you attempt any repairs. Refer
to the section "Making Electrical
Connections.", page 9.


Table of Contents

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