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Remote Functions - GE 20314 User Manual

1.32 m (52 in.) treviso led lighted ceiling fan
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" " button
This button controls the light and also
controls the brightness setting. Press and
release the button to turn the light ON or OFF.
Press and hold the button to set the desired
brightness: the light will slowly illuminate to
maximum light output and then stop when
holding the button, then release the button
and hold it again until it reaches minimal
illumination where it will automatically stop
again.The light button has an auto-resume,
it will stay at the same brightness as the
last time it was turned off.
" O " and " I " dim switch
For this fan, the dim switch should be in the
"I" position, allowing
for dimming of the light .
Place the switch in the "0" position to turn the
dimming feature off if you do not want the
dimming feature.
-Lock/unlock switch when placed in the unlock position
In the unlock
position : The transmitter will send a common code, this transmitter will operate all other GE FANS with the same
receiver configuration. But the condition is the receiver have been pre-synced with the common code, otherwise the fan will not work.
In lock
position : Allows a unique code to be sent to the receiver in the fan. Only the receiver of this fan will be synced with this transmitter in
lock position. More than one fan can be synced with one transmitter, in this case-follow sync instruction for each fan.
Changing the ulock/lock position will cause the code to change, and the receiver will need synchronizing again to have the same code as the
Note :
To prevent damage to transmitter, remove the batteries if not used for long periods.
Replace batteries as a simultaneous set – always replace the whole set of batteries at one time, taking care not to mix old and new ones, or batteries of
different types.
Please contact your local batteries recycling center for proper battery disposal information.
Operation Instructions
Medium speed
Low speed
allows a common code to be sent.
Operation indicator
This button turns the fan ON or OFF.
High speed
" "
This button delays the light turning off
for approximately 5 seconds, enabling
you to exit your room before the light
turns completely off.
" Sync " button
This button allows receiver to pair with the code
assigned by transmitter.
"Lock/unlock" switch
NOTE: For convenience, the transmitter has been preset
by factory and is placed in unlock
The receiver has been preset with a common code. The
fan is ready for use. This transmitter can control any fan
with this same initial setting.
position initially.


Table of Contents

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