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Blade Balancing - GE 20314 User Manual

1.32 m (52 in.) treviso led lighted ceiling fan
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Table of Contents
The following procedure should
correct most fan wobble. Check
after each step.
Check that all blade and blade
bracket screws are secure.
Most fan wobble problems are
caused when blade levels are
unequal. Check this level by
selecting a point on the ceiling
above the tip of one of the blades.
Measure from a point on the centre
of each blade to the point on the
ceiling. Measure this distance as
shown in gure. Rotate the fan
until the next blade is positioned
for measurement. Repeat for each
blade. Measurements deviation
should be within 3 mm (1/8 in.). Run
the fan for 10 minutes.
Warning: Do not bend blades if the
measurement is off.
Use the enclosed Blade Balancing
Kit if the blade wobble is still

Blade Balancing


Table of Contents

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