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Husqvarna MS 610 G Operator's Manual page 8

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Table of Contents
WARNING: Always use genuine
WARNING: This product produces an
electromagnetic field during operation. This
field may under some circumstances
interfere with active or passive medical
implants. To reduce the risk of serious or
fatal injury, we recommend persons with
medical implants to consult their physician
and the medical implant manufacturer
before operating this product.
Safety instructions for assembly
Make sure the engine switch is in the "OFF" position
before assembly.
Check that the product is assembled correctly and
not damaged. Do not use a damaged product.
Do not use the product if it is changed from its initial
specification. Do not change a part of the product
without approval from the manufacturer. Only use
parts approved by the manufacturer.
Safety instructions for operation
Work area safety
WARNING: Keep unauthorized persons at a
distance. You are responsible to make sure
that animals and bystanders are not within
the working area.
Keep work area clean and well lit. Cluttered or dark
areas increases the risk of accidents.
People and animals can distract you causing you to
lose control of the product. For this reason, always
remain concentrated and focused on the task.
Do not use the product in bad weather, such as
dense fog, heavy rain, strong wind, intense cold, etc.
Never start to work with the product before the
working area is clear and you have a firm foothold.
Personal safety
Never use the product if you are fatigued, while
under the influence of alcohol or drugs, medication
or anything that could affect your vision, alertness,
coordination or judgement.
Check that no tools or other objects are placed on
the product.
Never allow anyone else to use the product without
proper training.
Always shut off the product during longer work
Never work alone, always ensure there is another
person close at hand.
Learn how to use the product and its controls safely
and learn how to stop quickly. Also learn to
recognize the safety decals.
Keep handles dry, clean and free from oil and
Do not overreach. Keep proper footing and balance
at all times.
Never stand on the product.
Stand upright. Keep distance between your face and
the cutting blade. Place both hands on the work
piece as far away from the cutting blade as possible.
If plunge function is used, place one hand on the
cutting handle.
Personal protective equipment
WARNING: Products such as cutters,
grinders or drills, that sand or form material
can generate dust and vapors, which may
contain hazardous chemicals. Check the
nature of the material you intend to process
and use an appropriate breathing mask.
WARNING: Always use approved hearing
protection. Long-term exposure to noise can
result in permanent hearing impairment. Be
aware of warning signals or shouts when
you are wearing hearing protection. Always
remove your hearing protection as soon as
the motor stops.
WARNING: There is always a risk of crush
injuries when working with products
containing moving parts. Wear protective
gloves to avoid body injuries.
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Table of Contents

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