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Husqvarna MS 610 G Operator's Manual page 16

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5. Turn the engine start switch to the ON position.
6. Grip the starter handle, slowly pull out the cord with
your left hand until you feel some resistance (the
starter pawls grip), now quickly and powerfully pull
the cord. Never wrap the starter cord around your
7. Repeat pulling the cord until the engine starts.
8. Let the engine warm up for several minutes with
engine throttle at idle speed (minimum).
To start the product (MS 610)
WARNING: ALWAYS set the power switch
to the OFF position before connecting to a
power source. The electric motor will run if
the power switch is in the ON position.
WARNING: Keep hands clear of rotating
blade during operation. Read all safety
warnings before operating this machine.
CAUTION: Do not move the saw sideways
or out of the working area with blade
installed and rotating.
1. Turn the power switch (10) to the ON position to start
the electric motor.
2. Open the water valve fully and check the water flow
before cutting.
To stop the product (MS 610 G)
1. Turn the engine throttle knob to the low idle position.
2. Turn the engine start switch to OFF position.
3. Make sure that the engine is shut off.
4. Make sure that the cutting blade can rotate freely
until it is completely stopped.
To stop the product (MS 610)
WARNING: Stop the machine and wait for
the blade to stop before removing the
material from the machine.
271 - 002 - 12.06.2018

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Table of Contents

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