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Operation - Husqvarna MS 610 G Operator's Manual

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2. Move the depth stop to desired position as shown in
the image.
(355,6mm) (508mm)
WARNING: Never use a diamond blade to
cut plastic material. Cutting metal generates
sparks that may cause fire. Do not use the
product near ignitable substances or gases.
CAUTION: Under all circumstances avoid
grinding using the side of the blade; it will
almost certainly be damaged or break and
can cause immense damage. Only use the
cutting section.
Experience is very important when running the product.
A skilled worker is highly recommended.
Do not overload the product. Overloading can
damage the product.
If you are uncertain of what blade to use contact
your local service dealer.
Never leave the product unsupervised with the motor
Keep tools sharp and clean in order to enable safer
3. Tighten the locking nuts for the depth adjustment.
4. Mount correct blade size in relation to the depth stop
5. Check the position of the blade by moving the
conveyor cart to its forward and rear end position.
The blade should never hit the cart.
To center the blade in the cutting slot
1. Set the blade to run freely and in its lowest position
in the cutting slot.
2. Use a set square and check if the blade is
3. Examine front and back edge of the blade to the
conveyor cart anvil.
4. Examine if the blade is centered in the cutting slot.


Check that the blade is fitted correctly and does not
show signs of damage. See section
page 10 for instructions.
Check that the correct blade is used for the
application in question.
Never cut asbestos materials!
Before starting
Please read the operator's manual carefully and
make sure you understand the instructions before
using the product.
Wear personal protective equipment, see
protective equipment on page 8 for instructions.
Check that the fuel cap is properly secured, and that
there is no fuel leakage.
Make sure no unauthorized persons are in the
working area, otherwise there is a risk of serious
personal injury.
Prevent unintentional starting.Ensure the switch is in
the OFF-position.
The cutting blade rotates when the engine is started.
Make sure it can rotate freely.
Assembly on
271 - 002 - 12.06.2018

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Table of Contents

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