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Husqvarna MS 610 G Operator's Manual page 14

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WARNING: Cutting metal generates sparks
that may cause fire. Do not use the product
near ignitable substances or gases.
Note: Diamond blades are available in several hardness
Note: Sharpen the blade by cutting soft material such as
sandstone or block.
Always use a sharp diamond blade.
Diamond blades can become dull when the wrong
feeding pressure is used or when cutting certain
materials such as heavily reinforced concrete.
Working with a dull diamond blade causes
overheating, which can result in the diamond
segments coming loose.
Diamond blades consist of a steel core provided with
segments that contain industrial diamonds.
Diamond blades are ideal for masonry, reinforced
concrete and other composite materials.
Diamond blades ensure lower costs per cutting
operation, fewer blade changes and a constant
cutting depth.
Special blades should be used when cutting metal.
Ask your dealer for help in choosing the right
When using diamond blade make sure that it rotates
in the direction indicated by the arrow on the blade.
Toothed blades
WARNING: Never use toothed blades such
as wood cutting blades, circular toothed
blades, carbide tipped blades etc.
Carelessness can result in serious personal
injury or even death.
To engage and disengage the
waterpump (MS 610 G)
1. Make sure that the water pump (1) is engaged
before cutting the material.
2. Push the water pump knobs (2) all the way to the
right to engage the water pump.
3. To disengage the water pump (1), push the knobs
(2) all the way to the left.
Fuel handling
WARNING: Running an engine in a confined
or badly ventilated area can result in death
due to asphyxiation or carbon monoxide
poisoning. Fuel and fuel fumes are highly
flammable and can cause serious injury
when inhaled or allowed to come in contact
with the skin. For this reason observe
caution when handling fuel and make sure
there is adequate ventilation. The exhaust
fumes from the engine are hot and may
contain sparks which can start a fire. Never
start the poduct iindoors or near combustible
material! Do not smoke and do not place
any hot objects in the vicinity of fuel.
271 - 002 - 12.06.2018

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Table of Contents

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