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Maintenance - Husqvarna MS 610 G Operator's Manual

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Table of Contents
The valve on the blade guard adjusts the flow from
the water pump to the blade.
WARNING: All types of repairs may only be
carried out by authorized repairmen. The
user must only carry out the maintenance
and service work described in this operator´s
WARNING: To prevent accidental starting,
the steps described in this section must be
performed with the motor off and the power
cable removed from the socket, if not
otherwise stated. The life span of the
product can be reduced and the risk of
accidents can increase if product
maintenance is not carried out correctly and
if service and/or repairs are not carried out
professionally. If you need further
information please contact your nearest
service dealer.
Always disconnect the power cable before carrying
out service.
Please see the engine manufacturer operator's
manual for additional information about servicing the
Let you Husqvarna dealer regularly check the
product and make essential adjustments and repairs.
Keep all parts in good working order and ensure that
all fixtures are properly tightened. Replace all worn
or damaged decals.
Daily maintenance
Check engine oil.
271 - 002 - 12.06.2018
To manage the dust
The product is fitted with a low flushing water kit that
offers maximum dust suppression.
1. Use wet cutting blades for optimal dust
2. Adjust water flow using the tap to bind the cutting
The volume of water required varies depending on
the type of job at hand.
If water hoses loosen from their supply sources, this
indicates that the product is connected to a water
pressure that is too high.


Check that the product's safety equipment is
undamaged. See section
product on page 9 for information.
Clean the outside of the product. Do not use a high
pressure washer to clean the saw.
Do not use water to clean the motor and electric
Open the blade guard. Clean both the inside and
outside, and close the blade guard.
Loosen the conveyor cart's two collection trays, both
the rear and the front, and clean them.
Loosen the water collecting tray and clean it.
To do the maintenance on water pump
1. Run through the water system for a short period in
order to prevent hoses getting blocked with slurry.
To tension the blade shaft belt (MS 610 G)
CAUTION: See engine manufacturer
operator´s manual for proper care and
Safety devices on the
WARNING: Never clean motor and electric
parts with water.
CAUTION: When replacing the blade shaft
belt, make sure to replace it with a belt that
is recommended by Husqvarna.

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Table of Contents

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