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Husqvarna MS 610 G Operator's Manual page 15

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WARNING: When storing and transporting
fuel always use approved containers
intended for this purpose.
Note: The product is equipped with a four-stroke engine.
Make sure there is always sufficient oil in the engine.
CAUTION: Running the engine on a lower
octane grade than 87 can damage the
Use good quality unleaded gasoline.
The lowest recommended octane grade is 87 ((RON
+MON)/2). If you run the engine on a lower octane
grade than 87 so-called knocking can occur. This
gives rise to a high engine temperature and
increased bearing load, which can result in serious
engine damage.
Engine oil
CAUTION: A too low oil level can cause
serious damage to the engine. See
instructions in the section
page 19 .
CAUTION: Never use oil intended for two-
stroke engines.
Check the oil level before starting the product.
To add fuel
To minimize the risk of fire:
Do not smoke.
Do not place any hot objects in the vicinity of fuel.
Always stop the engine and let it cool for a few
minutes before refueling.
When refuelling, open the fuel cap slowly so that any
excess pressure is released gently.
Clean the area around the fuel cap.
Tighten the fuel cap carefully after refueling. If the
cap is not properly tightened the cap might vibrate
lose and fuel may escape from the fuel tank creating
a fire hazard.
Never start the product:
If you have spilled fuel or engine oil on the product,
wipe off the spillage and allow remaining fuel to
If you have spilled fuel on yourself or your clothes,
change your clothes. Wash any part of your body
that has come in contact with fuel. Use soap and
271 - 002 - 12.06.2018
To start the product (MS 610 G)
1. Activate the water pump, see
2. Move the fuel lever to the ON position.
Maintenance on
3. Move the choke lever to the CLOSED position (cold
4. Move the throttle lever away from the MIN position,
If the product is leaking fuel. Check regularly for
leaks from the fuel cap and fuel lines.
WARNING: Pay special attention on
clutchless product´s, blade starts rotating at
CAUTION: Do not move the saw sideways
or out of the working area with blade
installed and rotating.
CAUTION: Do not pull the starter cord all the
way out and do not let go of the starter
handle when the cord is fully extended. This
can damage the product.
cool the blade on page 18 . The water pump starts
automatically when the product is started.
about 1/3 of the way toward the MAX position.
To reduce dust and

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Table of Contents

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