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Husqvarna MS 610 G Operator's Manual page 18

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Table of Contents
1. Remove the screws and move the depth stop
bracket depending on the blade size. Tighten the
screws again. Adjust the depth stop with the stop
2. 2. Using the foot pedal and/or the handle on the
cutting arm, the cutting blade can be pulled down
and create a plunge cut in the work piece.
To cut with plunge cutting (MS 610)
1. Use the foot pedal and/or the handle on the cutting
arm to pull down the cutting blade and create a
plunge cut in the work piece
To cut with fixed cutting head
1. Position the cutting head to the desired height by
turning the height adjustment handle (1).
2. Stop turning the handle when desired height is
3. Start cutting.
To cut with the foot pedal
1. Position the conveyor cart to the front of the saw.
2. Place the work piece on the conveyor cart.
3. Push the foot pedal (1) to lower the blade to start
4. Release the foot pedal to return the blade to upper
To reduce dust and cool the blade
The water system circuit is used to reduce dust and cool
the blade. The water from the water pump is distributed
to the blade.
Note: The water pump has on/off valve to control and
adjust the water flow.
Adjust water flow to bind the cutting dust. The volume of
water required varies depending on the type of job at
The valve on the water tank adjusts the flow of water
to the channel in the conveyor cart.
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Table of Contents

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