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Assembly - Husqvarna MS 610 G Operator's Manual

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Table of Contents
WARNING: Never connect the machine to a
power outlet if the plug or cord is damaged.
WARNING: When cleaning the machine
make sure not to get water in the electrical
system and the motor unit. Water can cause
damage to the machine or short circuit the
Check that the mains voltage corresponds with that
stated on the rating plate on the machine.
Inspection and maintenance must be done with the
motor switched off and the power plug disconnected.
Always turn off the machine before disconnecting the
power plug.
Do not pull the machine in the power cord and never
disconnect the power plug by pulling the power cord.
Hold the power plug to disconnect the power cord.
Do not use the machine if the cables or the power
plug is damaged. Let a qualified technician repair it.
Always connect the machine with a ground fault
circuit interrrupter that trips a ground fault of 30 mA.
Make sure the power switch is in the OFF position
before connecting the machine to a power outlet to
prevent unintentional start.
Grounding instructions
WARNING: Improper connection can result
in electric shock. Contact a qualified
electrician to make sure the appliance is
correctly grounded.
WARNING: Do not modify the power plug. If
it does not fit the power outlet, contact a
Place the saw on a flat, horizontal and stable surface to
prevent the equipment from tipping over, sliding or
moving around on the surface.
To assemble the product
The product consists of two parts, frame (1) and
conveyor cart (2).
qualified electrician to install a correct power
outlet. Make sure local regulations and laws
are followed.
WARNING: If the grounding instructions are
not fully understood, contact a qualified
electrician .
The machine has a grounded cord and power plug
and must always be connected to a grounded power
outlet to prevent electric shock if there is a
Extention cords and cables
The marking on the extension cable must be the
same or higher than the value stated on the rating
plate on the machine.
Use grounded externsion cables.
When operating a power tool outdoors, use an
extension cord for outdoor use.
Keep the connetion to the extension cord dry and not
on the ground.
Keep the cables from heat, oil, sharp edges or
moving parts. Damaged or entangled cables
increase the risk of electric shock.
Make sure the cord and extension cord are not
damaged. Do not use the machine if the cables or
the power plug is damaged. Let a qualified
technichian repair it.
Do not use the extension cord when it is rolled up. It
can be overheated.
Only use certified extension cords with correct


271 - 002 - 12.06.2018

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Table of Contents

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