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C80 Series Maintenance Manual
3 Maintenance of the Drive Unit
<Replacement procedure for the battery unit MDSBTBOX-LR2060>
Possible backup period
Possible backup period is at most one year. Thus, make sure to exchange the batteries in the one-year cycle.
How to replace the battery
(1) Remove the battery box cover (four screws).
(2) Replace the batteries with new ones. Be careful not to mistake the polarity.
(3) Attach the cover, and fix it with the four screws.
(1) Replace the batteries while applying control power to the servo drive unit.
(2) When replacing the battery, do not let foreign objects enter. If the terminal area gets dirty, clean there.
(3) If the cover is ill-set, mist or foreign objects enter through the interstices and enter into the panel. Tighten the screws.
(Tightening torque: 1N•m)
1. Replace the batteries with new ones that are in their recommended use period. (Check the recommended use
period written on the batteries before using them.)
2. Replace the batteries with new ones immediately after the battery voltage drop alarm (9F) has been output.
3. Replace the batteries while applying the servo drive unit's control power.
4. Wrong connection may cause liquid leakage, heat generation and/or explosion.
5. Do not mix new batteries with used ones or mix different types of batteries.
Alkaline dry batteries
LR20 × 4 pieces


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