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C80 Series Maintenance Manual
6 Replacing Each Unit

6.5 Signal Splitter

When replacing the signal splitter, make sure to have the following related manuals at hand:
(a) C80 Series Connection and Setup Manual (IB-1501452)
Replacement procedures
Make sure to turn OFF the machine before replacing the signal splitter.
(1) Confirm that the machine power is OFF. (If the power is not OFF, turn it OFF.)
(2) Open the electric cabinet door.
(3) Disconnect all the cables from the signal splitter.
(4) Use a tool such as a flat-blade screwdriver to lower the rail hook of the signal splitter, and remove the signal splitter unit
from the DIN rail.
For details, refer to "5.1.4 Installation and Removal the Signal Splitter" in the manual (a).
(5) Hook the upper latch of the unit on the DIN rail and then install a new signal splitter.
(6) Connect all the cables back to the new signal splitter.
(7) Confirm that all the cables are correctly connected before closing the electric cabinet door.
1. Incorrect connections could cause devices to damage. Connect the cables to designated connectors.
2. Do not replace the signal splitter while the power is ON.
3. Do not connect or disconnect the cables between units while the power is ON.


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