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Bosch SRS4002GB Repair Instruction page 40

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4.20.1 Filling process for appliances with heat exchanger
The electronics measure the time between the opening command of
the filling valve and the closing of the level switch (f1). The additional
filling time of the filling valve is calculated from this time. For each
initial filling of the rinse programme 200 ml of water above the normal
volume of water is run in.
Level switch (f1)
Filler valve
Outlet valve
Circulation pump
t1 = calculated refill time, t2 = run-on time of drainage valve, t3 = switch-on delay of circulation pump
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Prefill (VF)
During the initial water inflow for the rinse programme this volume of
water compensates for the loss of water which is used to wet the dry
utensils. The circulation pump is guaranteed to run true and water is
saved in the subsequent filling baths. The circulation pump is switched
on time-delayed, the drainage valve remains open until the heat
exchanger has emptied completely.
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