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Bosch SRS4002GB Repair Instruction page 53

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Water-soluble or regeneration salt residue on the dishes (see
additional information in the general repair instructions)
Customer complaint
Water-soluble residue
58300000002393_ara_en_a.doc – 31.07.07
Regeneration salt on the utensils
– Leaking salt dispenser cover (check screw-fitting,
regeneration dispenser is dispensing slowly)
– Leaking regeneration valve (regeneration dispenser is
dispensing slowly)
– Regeneration valve continuously actuated
Initial clouding of glass: can only apparently be wiped off
Detergent-solution carry-over
Combination product
Remedial action
Advise customer, eliminate leaks
Check valve and/or valve seat
Electrical check with circuit diagrams
See Damage to utensils
See Food remnants
Advise customer
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