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Drying Result - Bosch SRS4002GB Repair Instruction

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Drying result

Customer complaint
Not drying correctly
58300000002393_ara_en_a.doc – 31.07.07
No rinse aid in the dispensing device
Appliance connected to hot water, appliance is suitable
for hot-water connection, but not recommended.
Appliance not heating
Programme selected without drying
The rinse aid integrated in tablets has dissolved too early.
Plastic parts
Remedial action
Advise customer
Advise customer, refer to function of the heat
exchanger; if required, connect the appliance
to cold-water supply
Check heating circuit according to circuit diagrams,
note pressure switch on the instantaneous water
heater (the circulation pump cannot build up
adequate pressure if there is insufficient water in
the appliance).
Advise customer, quick programme is without drying
cycle, drying level option is too low
Advise customer, tablet is unsuitable for this
Plastics retain very little heat and have a hydrophobic
surface which is difficult to moisten. As a result,
droplets will form during drying.
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