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Odour - Bosch SRS4002GB Repair Instruction

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Customer complaint
Smell of burning
Connection cable improperly extended
Socket to which the appliance is connected is charred
(cause: socket has bad contact)
Damaged windings or insulation fault on the consumers
Bad electrical connection or creepage clearances on
electrical components (note edge connectors)
Detergent or rinse aid
Smell of chemicals
Bonding agent of noise insulation (fleece, insulating mats)
Evaporation of electronic components or printed circuit
Smell of decay
Permanent underdosage of detergent.
Deposits under the filter cover, in the pump sump or around
the seals. Odour is coming from the sink outlet (the siphon
may be very dirty or drawing air)
Appliance incorrectly connected to the siphon
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Remedial action
Advise customer, follow safety instructions in the
operating instructions
Advise customer; socket and connection cable must be
Measure consumers (test programme) and check
according to circuit diagram.
Eradicate creepage distance and transition resistance,
look out for leaks, high-current cables must not be
Advise customer. Customer specifies the chemicals;
if required, change product (with citrus aroma) or
recommend aroma dispenser (mat. no. 460742)
Advise customer concerning the new aroma.
Advise customer.
Advise customer; observe dosage instructions
Advise customer, recommendation: machine treatment
agent or more vigorous programme
Advise customer and refer to plumber
Connect correctly if possible and, if required, refer
customer to plumber
Follow safety instructions
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