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Aqua Sensor (Optional) - Bosch SRS4002GB Repair Instruction

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Aqua sensor (optional)

The infrared light-emitting diode and the photodiode are located
opposite each other in a U-shaped translucent housing on a board.
The infrared diode transmits infrared light through the water flowing
between the U to the light-sensitive base of the photodiode which then
becomes conductive.
If the water is turbid, the light emitted by the infrared diode can no
longer reach the photodiode. The absent voltage signal is detected by
the microcomputer. Depending on the programme type, the water is
changed after the prerinse or even the washing temperature is
changed. If the turbidity value is not reached, the water remains in the
rinsing tank for the wash cycle. In each programme sequence in
which the Aqua sensor is active the sensor is also calibrated. If
a calibration cannot be implemented successfully, a permanently
stored programme is executed and an error is saved in the module.
= Photodiode
= Infrared diode
= Detergent solution
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