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Bosch SRS4002GB Repair Instruction page 54

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Discoloration / colour residue (see additional information in the
general repair instructions)
Customer complaint
Colour residue
Rainbow streaks
Silver cutlery tarnishes
58300000002393_ara_en_a.doc – 31.07.07
Insufficient detergent used
Plastic discoloration by, e.g.: tomato remnants, tea,
coffee, etc.
Detergent very lumpy, washing effect and dissolving
performance reduced
Selected programme not intensive enough (the contact time of
the oxidation bleach is too brief for a short running time and at
low temperatures)
Silicate deposits only on glasses (not to be removed)
Final rinse dosing set too high (can be rinsed off with water)
Discoloration due to sulphur compounds in the air and in
various food remnants
Remedial action
Advise customer, increase amount of detergent
Use detergent containing chlorine bleach.
Recommend machine detergent for discoloration in
the appliance
Advise customer, store detergent dry and sealed
Advise customer, use more intensive programme
No remedial action possible (damage to glass)
Reduce dosing setting
Advise customer, rinse silver cutlery immediately
after use
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