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Bosch SRS4002GB Repair Instruction page 16

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3.12.5 Memory electronics
The electronics module has its own memory which remembers the
programme last selected. If no new selection is made at the start of
the programme, the programme last selected will run.
3.12.6 Power failure
The electronics module has a power failure memory function which
ensures that the current rinse programme continues in the event of
a power failure or programme interruption.
3.12.7 Sensors
All outgoing signals from the door switch, the level switch, the NTC
sensor and the refill switches are recorded and evaluated by the
microprocessor at the required time.
3.12.8 Components
The components such as the valves, the detergent and rinse aid
dispensers (actuator) are actuated by triacs (see photo). The
circulation pump, drainage pump and the instantaneous water heater
are switched on by relays.
3.12.9 Initial start-up / Replacing the electronics
The following programme sequence must be taken into consideration
during the initial start-up or when replacing the electronics. (see
(Programme counter = 0!)
58300000002393_ara_en_a.doc – 31.07.07
A = Dispenser actuator
B = Heat exchanger outlet valve
C = Filler valve
D = Regeneration valve
E = R106, R108 low rinse aid
F = R100, R102 NTC
G = R112, R114 low salt
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