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Bosch SRV53C03UC-30 Installation Instructions Manual

18-inch models
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Dishwasher Installation Instructions for 18-inch Models
To avoid possible injury or property damage,
These instructions
are intended for use by
qualified installers only.
The dishwasher
must be installed by a qualified
service technician or installer.
• In addition to these instructions,
the dishwasher
shall be installed to meet all electrical and
plumbing codes and ordinances (both national and
Read these installation instructions completely
and follow
them carefully. They will save you time
and effort and help to ensure safety and optimum
dishwasher performance.
If the dishwasher
is installed in a location that
freezing temperatures
(e.g., in a
home), you must drain all the water
from the dishwasher's
interior.Water system
ruptures that occur as a result of freezing
The dishwasher
drain hose must be installed
with a portion of it at least 20" (508mm) off the
cabinet floor; otherwise the dishwasher may net
drain properly.
This dishwasher
is intended for residential use
only, and should not be used in commercial
service establishments.
NEW INSTALLATION - If the dishwasher
is a
new installation,
most of the work must be done
before the dishwasher
is moved into place.
If the dishwasher
is replacing
another dishwasher, check the existing
for compatibility
the new dishwasher, and replace parts as
This appliance has been found to be in
with CANiCSA-C22.2
No. 167/UL
749. It is the responsibility
of the owner and the
installer to determine if additional requirements
and standards apply in specific installations.
Inspect the Dishwasher
After unpacking the dishwasher
and prior to
installation, thoroughly
inspect the dishwasher
possible freight or cosmetic damage. Report any
damage immediately. Cosmetic defects must be
reported within 30 days of installation.
Do not discard any bags or items that come
with the original package until after the entire
installation has been completed.
REV A • 09/05



  Summary of Contents for Bosch SRV53C03UC-30

  • Page 1 Dishwasher Installation Instructions for 18-inch Models English/French/Spanish Important Safety instructions IMPORTANT • The dishwasher drain hose must be installed with a portion of it at least 20" (508mm) off the To avoid possible injury or property damage, cabinet floor; otherwise the dishwasher may net OBSERVE ALLWARNINGS AND CAUTIONS.
  • Page 2: Tools Needed

    Tools and Materials Needed ,,,-, TOOLS NEEDED Hammer Hole Saw Pipe Wrench Adjustable Wrench T-20 Screwdriver Slot Screwdriver Tape Measure Phillips Screwdriver Level Wire Cutter Wire Stripper Drill ..MATERIALS NEEDED (Additional materials may be required to comply with local codes.) Electrical Supply Cable - Minimum #14 AWG, 2 conductor, 1 ground, insulated copper conductors rated 75°C or higher.
  • Page 3: Materials Supplied

    Materials Supplied MATERIALS SUPPLIED Accessory Parts Supplied Accessory parts for your dishwasher come in one or more plastic bags that are outlined below. NOTE: Make sure you save all the bags until you have completed your installation. NOTE: Always use the supplied or recommended hardware, Use &...
  • Page 4 Enclosure Requirements Avoid Scalding or Electrical Shock Hazard Make sure the water supply and electrical supply are shut off before installation or service. ENCLOSURE PREPARATION NOTE: This dishwasher is designed to be enclosed on the top and both sides by standard residential kitchen cabinetry.
  • Page 5 Electrical Preparation ELECTRICAL PREPARATION Avoid Electrical Shock Hazard Do not work on an energized circuit. Doing so could result in serious injury or death. Only qualified electricians should perform electrical work. Do not attempt any work on the dishwasher electric supply circuit until you are certain the circuit is de-energized.
  • Page 6 Electrical Preparation Electrical Connection The dishwasher electrical suppIy junction box and dedicated receptacle must be mounted in an accessible cabinet adjacent to the dishwasher (do not mount the junction box or receptacle behind the dishwasher). You will need a 4I/4'' x 2" (108 x 51 mm) opening throught the cabinet in order to pass the junction box through (see Figure 4).
  • Page 7: Inlet Water Connections

    Plumbing Preparation INLET WATER CONNECTIONS Avoid Scald Hazard Do not perform any work on a charged hot water line. Serious injury could result. Only qualified plumbers should perform plumbing work. Do not attempt any work on the dishwasher hot water supply plumbing until you are certain the hot water supply is shut off.
  • Page 8 Plumbing Preparation Water Supply Shut OffValve Install an easily accessible stlut-off valve (not supplied) in the hot water supply line, as shown in Figure 7. Atl solder connections must be made before the water line is connected to the dishwasher. Connecting the HotWater Supply There are two plastic corrugated hoses that exit the back...
  • Page 9: Drain Connections

    Plumbing Drain Connections Connecting the Drain Hose to the Household Plumbing The dishwasher drain hose may be connected to the household or field drain plumbing in one of four ways.You will need a 11/,, diameter hole in order to pass the drain hose through the cabinet.
  • Page 10: Drain Hose

    Plumbing Installation of the Rubber Drain Hose Adaptor Rubber Drain Hose Adaptor 1 Obtain the Rubber Drain Hose Adaptor and the two :_aised Rib (cross section) Dishwasher hose clamps from the Dishwasher Installation Kit (do Drain Hose not substitute). On one outside end of the Rubber Drain Hose Adapter is a raised rib.
  • Page 11: Final Steps

    Dishwasher Placement FINAL STEPS • Installing the Mounting Brackets • Sliding the dishwasher into place • Leveling the dishwasher ° Securing the unit • Attaching thetoe panel When any covers are removed or the dishwasher is out of the cabinet, electrical power and sharp edges or points may be exposed.
  • Page 12: Leveling The Dishwasher

    Dishwasher Placement SLIDING THE DISHWASHER INTO PLACE Figure 16 The unit should now be ready to slide into the cabinet opening. To avoid scratching the floor, use floor protection and caution when sliding the dishwasher into the cabinet. Make sure that the hoses and cords do not bunch up behind the unit or kink as you slide the unit back.
  • Page 13: Door Panel Installation

    Door Panel Installation/Final Instructions DOOR PANEL INSTALLATION Fully Integrated Models Figure 20 Fully integrated models allow you to have a custom door panel made to match your cabinetry.The custom door can be a two-piece configuration to look like a drawer at the top and a cabinet door at the bottom or like a single full- length door.
  • Page 14: Customer Service

    Customer Service Customer Service 4. Calt Customer Service at 1-800-944-2904. Your dishwasher requires no special care other than that described in the Care and Maintenance section of the Use and Care Manual. If you are Please be sure to include (if you are writing), or having a problem with your dishwasher, before have available (if you are calling), the following calling for service please refer to the Self Help...