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Rinsing And Pumping System - Bosch SRS4002GB Repair Instruction

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Rinsing and pumping system

The circulation and drainage pumps as well as the instantaneous
water heater are connected to the pump sump via plug-and-socket
connections. The instantaneous water heater is also screwed securely
to the pump sump. The filter system consists of four-fold filtration
(coarse filter, fine filter cylinder, surface fine filter, microfine filter). The
pump sump, which houses the microfine filter, is covered by the
surface fine filter. The surface fine filter is attached with the combined
coarse and fine filter cylinders to the base of the pump sump via
a bayonet catch. The detergent solution is drawn into the pump sump
by the circulation pump and forced into the instantaneous water
At the appropriate pressure the pressure switch for the heater is
actuated via the flange-mounted membrane. A temperature controller
connected in series disconnects the appliance at 85 °C to prevent
In mechanically controlled appliances, this temperature switch is
combined with a 65 °C temperature controller and housed in one
module, in electronically controlled appliances it is combined with an
NTC sensor (negative temperature coefficient) and housed in one
The sensor surface is in direct contact with the detergent solution.
The Aqua sensor is situated at the outlet of the instantaneous water
heater in the detergent solution flow and measures the degree of
turbidity. As the drainage pump is attached directly to the pump sump,
the impeller wheel and non-return valve are accessible in the rinsing
tank when the cover has been removed.
58300000002393_ara_en_a.doc – 31.07.07
A = NTC / temperature
B = Safety temperature
C = Instantaneous water heater
D = Circulation pump
E = Seal set
F = Pump wheel
G = Pump sump
* Optional
H = Detergent-solution pump
I = Pump wheel cover
J = Non-return valve
K = To the lower spray arm
L = To the upper spray arm
M = Aqua sensor *
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