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Configuring Hp Pocket Playlist For Multiple Network Connections - HP Pocket Playlist User Manual

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SSID: The same value as the Name box, this value is the alphanumeric key used to
uniquely identify a wireless network. Change the value in the Name box to change it here.
Password: The password used to connect to HP Pocket Playlist. If you do not specify a
password, anyone within range of your HP Pocket Playlist can connect to it and access the
files stored on it. HP recommends that you assign a password to restrict access to your
devices. If you assign a password, you will need it to connect your mobile devices to HP
Pocket Playlist.
Number of connected devices: The number of mobile devices currently connected to HP
Pocket Playlist.
MAC address: The unique network hardware identifier assigned to HP Pocket Playlist.
(10) Hotspot Mode
Enable: Lets you connect your mobile device to HP Pocket Playlist and the Internet at the
same time. For more information, see
connections on page
Hidden in network: Helps prevent other devices from connecting to HP Pocket Playlist and
accessing its information through a common router.
Public access: Lets you enable read-only or read/write access to HP Pocket Playlist. Read-
only access prevents users from making changes to data.
IP address: Displays the IP address of HP Pocket Playlist.
(11) Maintenance
Firmware version: Identifies the installed firmware release. Click Update to navigate to and
load a firmware update file saved to your computer. Search for firmware updates for "HP
Pocket Playlist" at
Reset to factory default: Lets you reset HP Pocket Playlist to factory default settings while
preserving your data.
Rebuild DLNA database: Lets you repair the database on HP Pocket Playlist while
preserving your data. If the mobile app does not see all of your files, or files are failing to
properly play back, try rebuilding the database.

Configuring HP Pocket Playlist for multiple network connections

These configuration settings are available from your computer or mobile device.
When you establish a wireless connection from your mobile device to HP Pocket Playlist, your mobile
device may drop the existing connection to your default wireless access point. You can configure your
mobile device to allow connections to both sources.
public network. HP recommends that you use hotspot mode only on trusted networks, such as your
home network. For more information, see
To allow your computer or mobile device to access the HP Pocket Playlist and the internet at the
same time, perform the following steps:
Open the Settings screen
Set Hotspot Mode to On.
Chapter 4 Configuring HP Pocket Playlist
Other users can access your HP Pocket Playlist and modify its files when connected to a
for the HP Pocket Playlist.
Configuring HP Pocket Playlist for multiple network
Hotspot mode on page



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