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Powering On The Library; Configuring The Library Network; Setting The Date And Time - HP StoreEver MSL4048 Getting Started Manual

Tape library.
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Powering on the library

Use an approved power cord. If you have questions about the type of power cord to use,
contact your authorized service provider.
You must use a power cord rated for your product and for the voltage and current marked
on the electrical ratings label of the product. The voltage and current rating of the cord must
be greater than the voltage and current rating marked on the product.
To power on the tape library:
If you plan to use the RMI, connect an Ethernet cable to a working LAN connection and to
the Ethernet connector on the back of the tape library.
Attach a power cable to the power connector on each power supply on the back of the library.
Plug the power cable into the nearest properly grounded power outlet.
Power on the tape library by pressing the power button located on the front panel. Check
the LCD screen to make sure it has power. If not, check the power connections and your
power source. During the Power On Self Test (POST), all four LEDs are illuminated briefly,
followed by a flashing Ready LED. When the initialization sequence is complete, the Home
screen is displayed. If the inventory takes over five minutes, the splash screen is displayed.
Press any button to see the Home screen.
Plug in the host server and all attached devices.
Power on any other devices you powered off earlier.
Power on the server.

Configuring the library network

Configuring the network enables you to monitor, configure, and control most library functions
from the RMI. By default, the library will request an IP address from an IPv4 DHCP server.
Optionally, you can configure the library to use a static IP address. Once logged into the RMI,
you can administer further network changes through the RMI.
Most IPv4 network configurations are also available through the OCP.
The library supports IPv4 and IPv6 Internet Protocols. By default, the library is configured to use
IPv4, the most common current version. You can enable IPv6 or both Internet Protocols from
the OCP or RMI, and then continue configuring IPv6 settings from the RMI.
The IPv4 address obtained from a DHCP server is displayed in the OCP home screen and the
Info > Network option.
If your organization requires a static IPv4 address or uses IPv6, you can configure those features
from within the Info > Network option.
If you enabled IPv6, you must continue configuring IPv6 from the RMI after setting the administrator
password. For IPv6 configuration instructions, see the user and service guide.
The library is shipped without an administrator password. You must set the administrator
password initially using the OCP before you can use the RMI administrator functions. Once the
administrator password is set, you can access the RMI administrator functions by providing the
administrator password on the login screen.

Setting the date and time

The library uses the date and time to record events and should be set during the initial installation
process. You can also set the date and time or configure an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server
from the RMI Configure > System screen.
To reduce the risk of electric shock or damage to the equipment:
Powering on the library


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