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Mapping Folders On A Mac; Installing Two Or More Hp Pocket Playlists; Security Configuration Options; Set A Password - HP Pocket Playlist User Manual

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Mapping folders on a Mac

In the Finder, click Go, Connect to server.
In the Connect to server dialog box, click Browse.
In the Network window, click WORKGROUP, PocketPlaylist.
In the panel that shows the available shares, click Connect
In the list on the Shared Volume window, select a shared volume, and then click OK.
In the SMB/CIFS File System Authentication window, enter the password if required, and then
click OK.

Installing two or more HP Pocket Playlists

If you have more than one HP Pocket Playlist device, by default the second is automatically named
PocketPlaylist2, the third is named PocketPlaylist3, and so on. You can rename your devices as well.

Security configuration options

HP PocketPlaylist offers several security configuration options to help you protect your information.

Set a password

HP strongly recommends that you assign a password to the HP Pocket Playlist's SSID. Password
protection prevents the ability to connect to your HP Pocket Playlist and copy, modify, or delete your

Hotspot mode

Configuration of hotspot mode offers benefits and security risks that you can regulate with
configuration settings depending on your location:
Hotspot mode:
Allows Internet access for mobile devices that are connecting to the Pocket Playlist's SSID.
Allows other devices on your home network (like a DLNA or DMA digital media player attached
to your TV) to access the HP Pocket Playlist.
HP recommends that you do not use hotspot mode to connect to unrestricted public networks,
because this connection allows other users on that network to access the contents of your HP Pocket
Playlist. If you connect to a public network using hotspot mode, setting Hidden in network to Yes
configures your HP Pocket Playlist so other users on the public network cannot easily discover it.
If you connect to a secured home network in hotspot mode, set Hidden in network to No if you want
other devices (like a DLNA media player) to find the HP Pocket Playlist device.
Enabling hotspot mode reduces the number of simultaneous video streams that you can
Chapter 4 Configuring HP Pocket Playlist



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