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Setting Up Hp Pocket Playlist; Installing The Software; Hardware Components - HP Pocket Playlist User Manual

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Setting up HP Pocket Playlist

HP Pocket Playlist lets you watch or listen to media to your computer, Android, or Apple devices.
Simply install the software on your computer and the app on your mobile device, establish a wireless
connection to the HP Pocket Playlist, and begin streaming.
HP Pocket Playlist provides a centralized location for all of your media files for easy access from any
computer in your home. You can also stream media files to your stereo or television if you have a
Digital Media Adapter (DMA) attached.
You can load the HP Pocket Playlist with music, photos, and video files and then take the device with
you (in the car, in a hotel room, at a friend's house, etc) and be able to play back that content on your
smart phones and tablets.
You can also use the HP Pocket Playlist as an attached USB storage device or as a wireless (Wi-Fi)
external drive.
Apps are available from the Apple App Store and Android app stores that allow optimized playback of
the multimedia content.
Generic DLNA (industry standard) applications may be available for smartphones and
tablets that do not run iOS or Android. While generic DLNA applications are not officially supported,
apps may be available that work with HP Pocket Playlist.
The following steps outline what is required to play media files loaded on HP Pocket Playlist on a
mobile device:
From your computer, load media files onto HP Pocket Playlist.
Go to the app store on your mobile device, search for HP Pocket Playlist, and then download
and install the mobile application.
Establish a connection from your mobile device to HP Pocket Playlist.
Open the app on your mobile device and select your HP Pocket Playlist.
Navigate to and play media files.

Installing the software

To load files onto and configure and use HP Pocket Playlist, you need to install the software package
onto your computer. This software loads the Control Center, as well as files that facilitate
communication with the HP Pocket Playlist.

Hardware components

The HP Pocket Playlist includes the following features:
Installing the software



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