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HP Pocket Playlist User Manual

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HP Pocket Playlist
User Guide
Document Part Number: Part Number: 699916-002
Edition: Second Edition: January 2013, First Edition: December 2012



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  Summary of Contents for HP Pocket Playlist

  • Page 1 HP Pocket Playlist User Guide Document Part Number: Part Number: 699916-002 Edition: Second Edition: January 2013, First Edition: December 2012...
  • Page 2 Corporation. Bluetooth is a trademark be bound by the terms of the HP End User owned by its proprietor and used by License Agreement (EULA). If you do not Hewlett-Packard Company under license.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Connecting to HP Pocket Playlist using Samba command lines ........16 Accessing HP Pocket Playlist configuration screens ............17 Connecting to HP Pocket Playlist from an Apple computer or Mac OS X .......... 17 Accessing HP Pocket Playlist configuration screens ............17...
  • Page 4 Mapping folders on a Mac ....................18 Installing two or more HP Pocket Playlists ..................18 Security configuration options ......................18 Set a password ........................18 Hotspot mode ........................18 5 Converting your media files so they play on your mobile device ..............19 6 Troubleshooting ..............................
  • Page 5: Setting Up Hp Pocket Playlist

    Digital Media Adapter (DMA) attached. You can load the HP Pocket Playlist with music, photos, and video files and then take the device with you (in the car, in a hotel room, at a friend's house, etc) and be able to play back that content on your smart phones and tablets.
  • Page 6 To turn power off: Hold down for 3 seconds until the green LED turns off. ● To force shut down if the device becomes unresponsive: Hold down for 7 ● seconds until the green LED turns off. Chapter 1 Setting up HP Pocket Playlist...
  • Page 7: Software Requirements

    Software requirements Using HP Pocket Playlist requires that you load software onto your computer, and then use your computer as the hub from which you add content to the device. HP Pocket Playlist software requires the following: Operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit): ●...
  • Page 8: Using Hp Pocket Playlist

    Download the app and establish a connection with your mobile device to stream media and access HP Pocket Playlist settings. NOTE: HP Pocket Playlist charges when connected to a computer with the USB cable. The device charges even if the connection switch is set to wireless mode. Control Center Control Center is automatically installed as part of the computer software package.
  • Page 9: Loading Files Onto Hp Pocket Playlist

    Pocket Playlist, while playback occurs on your mobile device. This software adjusts the file format on the HP Pocket Playlist to match the output device that you select so that you can play the file from your mobile device. The media converter also lets you transform unencrypted DVD content into a single file that you can copy to the HP Pocket Playlist and stream to your mobile device.
  • Page 10 Windows Explorer ● If your HP Pocket Playlist is connected to your computer with a USB cable, it displays as a drive named “USB DISK” (similar to a USB flash drive). You can manage the files on the device as you would any other drive.
  • Page 11: Connecting Your Mobile Device(S) To Hp Pocket Playlist

    Downloading and using the playback application The HP Pocket Playlist app is available from the Apple App Store or Android app stores. The app lets you use your mobile device to play, show, and control videos, audio, and photos stored on the HP Pocket Playlist.
  • Page 12: How To Browse And Play Media Files

    Tap Storage to manage your files or the corresponding icon to play or view your media files. Tap to navigate the folders in the HP Pocket Playlist, and then tap to play media files. How to create a playlist using iOS You can create playlists to store your favorite music, photos, or video files.
  • Page 13 Tap to select the files to add to the playlist. Tap OK when done. Select an existing playlist or New Playlist to add the files to. To play an existing playlist, tap the Playlist icon to select the playlist. Tap the Menu/Settings button. Tap Play.
  • Page 14: Configuring Hp Pocket Playlist

    HP Pocket Playlist. Make sure the blue LED is lit before accessing configuration settings. From a computer that is connected to HP Pocket Playlist using Wi-Fi, open the Control Center. Click Wi-Fi Connection, and then click Customize HP Pocket Playlist Settings.
  • Page 15 (7) Power icon: Click to restart or shut down the HP Pocket Playlist. ● (8) Basic Information ● Name: The SSID name of HP Pocket Playlist. Type over the entry in the box to change the ◦ name. Language: Select a language from the drop down list.
  • Page 16: Configuring Hp Pocket Playlist For Multiple Network Connections

    HP recommends that you use hotspot mode only on trusted networks, such as your home network. For more information, see Hotspot mode on page To allow your computer or mobile device to access the HP Pocket Playlist and the internet at the same time, perform the following steps: Open the Settings screen for the HP Pocket Playlist.
  • Page 17: Restoring Factory Default Settings

    If you want to prohibit access to HP Pocket Playlist from other devices connected to your router, click Yes next to Hidden in Network -or- If you want to allow access to HP Pocket Playlist by other devices connected to your router, click No next to Hidden in Network. Click Save.
  • Page 18: Updating Firmware

    To establish a connection, you can click the Connect to the network without setting it up link to connect to the HP Pocket Playlist. You do not need to click OK to set up the connection. Changing the device name causes all mobile devices to disconnect. When you reconnect, use the new device name.
  • Page 19: Streaming Media

    The DMA accesses your stored media files and coordinates the streaming process. Streaming media to your entertainment center HP Pocket Playlist works with both wired or wireless DMAs. Your network must have wireless functionality to use a wireless DMA.
  • Page 20: Resetting Media Streaming

    (advanced topic) This topic provides general guidelines for accessing the folders and configuration screens on HP Pocket Playlist from a Linux system. The steps to configure a Linux system for connection to the HP Pocket Playlist may vary. Connecting to HP Pocket Playlist using Samba Samba lets you connect a Linux computer to the HP Pocket Playlist using the SMB (server Message Block) and CIFS (Common Internet File System) protocols.
  • Page 21: Accessing Hp Pocket Playlist Configuration Screens

    Accessing HP Pocket Playlist configuration screens To access the device's configuration screen, use a browser such as FireFox or Konqueror. Open the web browser. Make sure the Linux system has a wireless connection to the HP Pocket Playlist. In the Location box, enter the IP address or name of the device.
  • Page 22: Mapping Folders On A Mac

    Installing two or more HP Pocket Playlists If you have more than one HP Pocket Playlist device, by default the second is automatically named PocketPlaylist2, the third is named PocketPlaylist3, and so on. You can rename your devices as well.
  • Page 23: Converting Your Media Files So They Play On Your Mobile Device

    MediaConverter 7 automatically detects HP Pocket Playlist when using either a USB or wireless connection. You can copy files to HP Pocket Playlist directly from MediaConverter 7. You can drag unencrypted DVD files into MediaConverter 7 so HP Pocket Playlist can play them.
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    Wi-Fi settings of the mobile device are set to connect to HP Pocket Playlist. When reestablishing a wireless connection to HP Pocket Playlist, the Connect to a Network dialog box opens indicating the router has not been set up.
  • Page 25 IP addresses. Most routers come with a built-in DHCP server. When HP Pocket Playlist is using hotspot mode, check that the router has the DHCP server correctly enabled. Refer to the documentation that came with the router for instructions on proper DHCP server configuration.
  • Page 26: Chapter 6 Troubleshooting

    Network connection issues. Cause Solution If the computer is connected to the network using an Ethernet cable, right-click Local Area Connection. If the computer is using a wireless connection, right- click Wireless Network Connection. Click Properties. In the dialog box that opens, check to ensure that TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol) is listed and selected.
  • Page 27 HP Pocket Playlist device's SSID name and establish a new connection to that name. I reset the HP Pocket Playlist device back to factory default settings and now I don't know the device name or password. Cause...
  • Page 28: Upload Issues

    I updated the firmware and now can't connect to HP Pocket Playlist. Cause Solution A firmware update automatically reboots the HP Pocket After the firmware update, reestablish the connection with Playlist device, which may cause the computer to switch its HP Pocket Playlist.
  • Page 29: Streaming Issues

    Disable hotspot mode if you want to stream multiple movies streams that you can play. simultaneously. I can play and stream DRM (Digital Rights Management) content on my home computer but I can not stream it from my HP Pocket Playlist. Cause...
  • Page 30: Power Issues

    Shutdown and restart HP Pocket Playlist manually. To force HP Pocket Playlist to turn off and restart: On the side of HP Pocket Playlist, hold the power button for 5 seconds to force shut down. After HP Pocket Playlist is completely off, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to restart.
  • Page 31: Permission Issues

    Permission issues Windows 7 and Windows Vista permission messages Cause Solution As part of its enhanced security, the Windows operating Always check that the action needing your permission is one system may display User Account Control dialog boxes. that you intended. The source of the action is displayed in These dialog boxes help stop unauthorized changes to your the middle band of the dialog box.
  • Page 32: Glossary

    Digital Media Adapter (DMA), Digital Media Receiver (DMR), Digital Media Player (DMP) A consumer electronic device that communicates with the HP Pocket Playlist device and brings digital media streams (such as photos, music, or video) to an entertainment center or a mobile playback device.
  • Page 33 Media streaming sends media—music, photos, and video files—from the HP Pocket Playlist to other devices that can play the media. HP Pocket Playlist allows media to stream to a Digital Media Adapter (DMA), or to mobile devices. router A device connected to your computer that joins two or more networks. For example, a router connects your local network to the internet.