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Receiving Oven; Using The Oven - Maytag ALY1680BD series Service Manual

Rv freestanding gas ranges and gas cooktops
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Important Safety Information
3. Checking for gas leaks—Never check for leaks with
any kind of open flame. Soap and water solution
should be used for this purpose. Apply solution to
suspected area and watch for air bubbles which
indicates a leak. Correct leaks by tightening fittings,
screws, connections, applying approved compound,
or installing new parts.
4. Using lights—Use a hand flashlight when servicing
ranges or checking for gas leaks. Electric switches
should not be operated where leaks are suspected.
This will avoid creating arcing or sparks which could
ignite the gas. If electric lights are already turned on,
they should not be turned off.
5. Do not smoke—Never smoke while servicing gas
ranges, especially when working on piping that
contains or has contained gas.
6. Check range when service is completed—After
servicing, make visual checks on electrical
connections, and check for gas leaks. Inform
consumer of the condition of range before leaving.
7. Adhere to all local regulations and codes when
performing service.
Receiving Oven or Cooktop
• Installer needs to show consumer location of the range
gas shut-off valve and how to shut it off. Cooktop units
are not equipped with a shut-off valve.
• Authorized servicer must install the range or cooktop
in accordance with the Installation Instructions.
Adjustments and service should be performed only by
authorized servicer.
• Insure all packing materials are removed from the
range or cooktop before operating it, to prevent fire or
smoke damage should the packing material ignite.
• Ensure range or cooktop is correctly adjusted by a
qualified service technician or installer for the type of
gas (Natural or LP). Some ranges can be converted
for use with Natural or LP gas.
• With prolonged use of a range, high floor
temperatures could result. Many floor coverings will not
be able to withstand this kind of use. Never install
range over vinyl tile or linoleum that cannot withstand
high temperatures. Never install range directly over
Using the Oven or Cooktop
• Do not leave children alone or unattended where a
range or cooktop is hot or in operation. They could be
seriously burned.
• Do not allow anyone to climb, stand or hang on the
oven door. They could damage the range and cause
severe personal injury.
• Wear proper apparel. Loose fitting or hanging
garments should never be worn when using range or
cooktop. Flammable material could ignite if brought in
contact with flame or hot oven surfaces which may
cause severe burns.
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• Never use range for warming or heating a room. This
may cause burns, injuries, or a fire.
• Do not use water on grease fires.
• Do not let grease or other flammable materials collect
in or around range or cooktop.
• Do not repair or replace any part of range or cooktop
unless it is recommended in this manual.
• Use only dry potholders. Moist or damp potholders
used on hot surfaces may result in a burn from steam.
• Do not let a potholder touch the flame. Do not use a
towel or a bulky cloth as a potholder.
• Never leave range or cooktop unattended while
cooking. Boilovers can cause smoking and may ignite.
• Only certain types of glass/ceramic, earthenware, or
other glazed utensils are suitable for oven use.
Unsuitable utensils may break due to sudden
temperature change.
• Use care when opening oven door. Let hot air or steam
escape before removing or replacing food.
• Do not heat unopened food containers in oven.
Build-up of pressure may cause a container to burst
and result in injury.
• Keep range vent ducts unobstructed.
• Place oven racks in desired location while oven is
cool. If a rack must be moved while oven is hot, use a
dry potholder.
• Do not use aluminum foil to line oven bottom or racks.
Aluminum foil can cause a fire will seriously affect
baking results, and damage to porcelain surface's.
• Do not touch interior surfaces of oven during or
immediately after use. Do not let clothing or other
flammable materials come in contact with bake or broil
• Other areas of the range can become hot enough to
cause burns, such as vent openings, window, oven
door and oven racks.
• To avoid steam burns, do not use a wet sponge or
cloth to wipe up spills on hot cooking area.
• Do not store combustible or flammable materials, such
as, gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids
near or in range or cooktop.
• Do not clean oven door gasket located on back of the
door. Gasket is necessary to seal the oven and can be
damaged as a result of rubbing or being moved.
• Do not drape towels or any materials on oven door
handles. These items may ignite causing a fire.
Do not store items of interest to children in cabinets
above range or cooktop. Children may climb on oven
to reach these items and become seriously injured.



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