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Use And Care Information, Gas Range - Maytag ALY1680BD series Service Manual

Rv freestanding gas ranges and gas cooktops
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Use and Care Information, Gas Range

1. When cool, position the rack in the oven.
2. Push in and turn the OVEN knob to the desired
temperature for baking or roasting or to broil for broiling.
For baking: Selecting a temperature higher than desired
will NOT preheat the oven any faster, and may have a
negative effect on baking results.
For broiling: The OVEN knob can be turned to a lower
temperature (400 to 450 F) for broiling longer cooking
meats or poultry or if excessive smoking or splattering
3. For baking: Place the food in the center of the oven,
allowing one to two inches between the utensil and the
oven walls.
For broiling: Place the broiler pan in the broiler area
directly below the oven burner.
When the oven is in use, the oven vent area may feel
warm or hot to the touch. Do not block this area or the vent
opening as this may affect cooking results.
4. Check the food for doneness at the minimum time in the
recipe. Cook longer if necessary.
5. Remove the food from the oven and turn the OVEN knob
to the PILOT ON or the OFF position.
Preheating is necessary for baking. Turn the OVEN knob to
the desired temperature and allow about 10 to 15 minutes for
the oven to preheat.
Selecting a higher temperature will not shorten the preheat
time and may affect baking results. It is not necessary to
preheat for roasting or broiling.
Do not cover the oven bottom or the entire oven rack
with foil .
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Use a reliable recipe and accurately measure fresh
ingredients. Carefully follow directions
temperature and cooking time. Preheat oven if recom-
Use the correct rack position . There are two or three rack
positions, depending on the model. Baking results may be
affected if the wrong rack position is used.
S Use the lower rack position for most baking. Use the
S Top browning may be darker if food is located toward
S Bottom browning may be darker if food is located toward
Cookware material and size. Always use the type and size
of pan called for in the recipe. Cooking times or cooking
results may be affected if the wrong size is used.
The maximum recommended pan size is a 13 x 9 x
2-inch cake pan or a 14 x 10 x 2-inch cookie sheet.
S Shiny metal pan reflects heat away from the food,
S Dark metal pan or a pan with an anodized (dull)
S If using oven-proof glassware , or dark pans such as
Allow hot air to flow freely through the oven
baking results. Large pans or improper placement of pans
in the oven will block air flow and may result in uneven
browning. For optimum browning and even cooking results:
S Do not crowd a rack by placing several pans on a rack.
S Allow one to two inches between the pan and the oven
Check the cooking progress at the minimum time. If
necessary, continue checking at intervals until the food is
done. If the oven door is opened too frequently, heat will
escape from the oven; this can affect baking results and
wastes energy.
middle rack (if equipped) or upper rack for cookies or
the top of the oven.
the bottom of the oven.
produces lighter browning and a softer crust. Use shiny
pans for baking cakes or cookies. For optimum baking
results, bake cookies and biscuits on a flat cookie sheet.
If the pan has sides, such as a jelly roll pan, browning may
not be even.
bottom absorbs heat, produces darker browning and a
crisper crust. Use this type of pan for pies, pie crusts or
Baker's Secret reduce the oven temperature by 25F
except when baking pies or bread. Use the same baking
time as called for in the recipe.
Also, do not block air flow by using too large of a pan.
for optimum
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