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Virtual Server - D-Link COVR-C1203 User Manual

Covr point ac1200 dual band whole home wi-fi system
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Section 3 - Configuration
The virtual server allows you to specify a single public port on Covr Point A for
redirection to an internal LAN IP address and Private LAN port. To configure
the virtual server, from the Port Forwarding page click Virtual Server. To
return to the main Port Forwarding page, click Port Forwarding.
If you wish to remove a rule, click on its trash can icon in the Delete column. If
you wish to edit a rule, click on its pencil icon in the Edit column. If you wish to
create a new rule, click the Add Rules button. Click Save when you are done. If
you edit or create a rule, the following options will appear:
Enter a name for the rule. Alternatively, select the protocol/Application
from the drop-down menu.
Local IP:
Enter the IP address of the device on your local network to which the
external port will forward. Alternatively, select the device from the
drop-down menu.
Select the protocol of the traffic that will be forwarded to the selected
IP address (TCP, UDP, Both, or Other).
Protocol Number:
If you selected Other as the protocol, enter the protocol number.
External Port:
If you selected TCP, UDP, or Both as the protocol, enter the public
port you want to forward.
Internal Port:
If you selected TCP, UDP, or Both as the protocol, enter the private
port you want to open.
Use the drop-down menu to select the time schedule that the rule
will be enabled on. The schedule may be set to Always Enable, or
you can create your own schedules in the Schedule section. Refer to
Schedule on page 62 for more information.
Click Apply when you are done.
D-Link COVR-C1203 User Manual

Virtual Server


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