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What Is Wireless - D-Link COVR-C1203 User Manual

Covr point ac1200 dual band whole home wi-fi system
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Appendix A - Wireless Basics

What is Wireless?

Wireless or Wi-Fi technology is another way of connecting your computer to the network without using wires. Wi-Fi uses radio
frequency to connect wirelessly so you have the freedom to connect computers anywhere in your home or office network.
Why D-Link Wireless?
D-Link is the worldwide leader and award winning designer, developer, and manufacturer of networking products.
D-Link delivers the performance you need at a price you can afford. D-Link has all the products you need to build your
How does wireless work?
Wireless works similarly to how cordless phones work, through radio signals that transmit data from one point A to point B. But
wireless technology has restrictions as to how you can access the network. You must be within the wireless network range area
to be able to connect your computer. There are two different types of wireless networks: Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN),
and Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN).
Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
In a wireless local area network, a device called an Access Point (AP) connects computers to the network. The access point
has a small antenna attached to it, which allows it to transmit data back and forth over radio signals. With an indoor access
point the signal can travel up to 300 feet. With an outdoor access point the signal can reach out up to 30 miles to serve places
like manufacturing plants, industrial locations, university and high school campuses, airports, golf courses, and many other
outdoor venues.
D-Link COVR-C1203 User Manual

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