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Fitting The Stand; Using The Usb Charger - Silvercrest SULS 5 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Usb charger
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Fitting the stand

Insert the USB charger from above into the stand
The USB charger can also be operated without the stand

Using the USB charger

Ensure that the power consumption of your device is not higher than 3 A when you are
using the USB socket (A)
USB sockets (B-E)
may not exceed 2.4 A on the individual USB socket (B-E)
instruction manual for more information.
The maximum power output of the USB charger is 6 A. The maximum power output of the
USB socket (A)
together is 3 A. The power output is distributed depending on assignment of the USB sock-
ets (B-E)
The USB socket (A)
(compatible with Quick Charge
is compatible with this charging standard, it will automatically be detected by the USB
charger. The USB charger supplies the appropriate output voltage or output current so that
the device can be charged more quickly. Devices without this charging standard can be
charged normally using the USB socket (A)
Connect your device to the USB charger. Use the original USB cable supplied with your
device to optimise the charging process.
Plug the USB charger mains plug into a properly-installed mains power socket.
The operating LED
If required, you can switch your connected device on for further use.
Observe the charging status on your connected device.
Disconnect your connected device from the USB charger once the device has completed
Disconnect the power plug from the power socket if you no longer require the USB charger.
GB │ IE │ NI
. The overall power consumption of all devices connected to the
may not be higher than 3 A. The power consumption of your device
is 3 A. The maximum power output of the four USB sockets (B-E)
. The maximum power output of the individual USB sockets (B-E)
supports the Qualcomm
illuminates blue which signals connection to the power supply.
until it engages in the fixing lugs.
Quick Charge
2.0 and Quick Charge
. Refer to your USB device
is 2.4 A.
3.0 charging standard
1.0). If the connected device



Table of Contents

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