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Silvercrest SUL 1000 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Universal usb charger


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Universal USB Charger SUL 1000 A1
Universal USB Charger
Operating instructions
ID-Nr.: SUL 1000 A1-11/10-V2
IAN: 61187


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  • Page 1 Universal USB Charger SUL 1000 A1 Universal USB Charger Operating instructions KOMPERNASS GMBH BURGSTRASSE 21 · D-44867 BOCHUM ID-Nr.: SUL 1000 A1-11/10-V2 IAN: 61187...
  • Page 2 SUL 1000 A1...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENT Intended use Warning Notice Safety instructions Items supplied Device description Technical Data Notes on the EG conformity declaration Start-up Cleaning Disposal Warranty & Service Importer Read the operating instructions carefully before using the device for the fi rst time and preserve this manual for later reference.
  • Page 4: Intended Use

    Universal USB Charger Intended use This universal USB power adapter is designed especially for devices that receive their power via a USB connector, such as MP3 players, mobile phones or iPod/iPhone. The device is intended solely for private, non- commercial use. Any other use apart from those mentioned is regarded as unintended use and can lead to damage and injuries.
  • Page 5: Warning Notice

    Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod or iPhone may aff ect wireless performance. Warning Notice In the current operating instructions the following warnings are used: Danger!: A warning of this danger level signifi...
  • Page 6 • In the event of a thunderstorm and/ or lightning, equipment connected to a mains power supply could be damaged. Therefore, always unplug the appliance from the mains power supply during a thunderstorm. • Before use check the device for visible external damage.
  • Page 7 • This device is not intended for use by indi- viduals (including children) with restricted physical, physiological or intellectual abilities or defi ciences in experience and/ or knowledge unless they are supervised by a person responsible for their safety or receive from this person instructions on how the device is to be used.
  • Page 8: Items Supplied

    Connection cable USB Type A to iPod/iPhone These operating instructions Device description (see fold-out page) 1 Universal USB Charger SUL 1000 A1 2 LED operating indicator 3 USB port 4 Connection cable USB type A to type Mini-B 5 Connection cable USB Type A to iPod/iPhone...
  • Page 9: Technical Data

    Technical Data Input voltage: Max. current consumption: Power consumption (no load): Protection class: Output voltage: Max. output current: 1 A Operating temperature: Storage temperature: -20° - 50°C Dimensions: Weight: Notes on the EG conformity declaration This device conforms regarding compliance to the basic require- ments and other relevent regulations of the low-voltage directive 2006/96/EC, the EMV directive 2004/108/EC as well as the...
  • Page 10: Start-Up

    Start-up Warning: device with the USB Mains Adaptor observe, without fail, the specifi cations for power sup- ply in the operating instructions of the device you want to connect. • Connect your switched off device to the USB Mains Adaptor 1. •...
  • Page 11: Cleaning

    Cleaning Danger! device out of the mains power socket. There is a danger of electric shock! Make sure that, during cleaning, no moisture penetrates into the device! Clean the housing of the USB Mains Adaptor exclusively with a dry cloth. Under no circum- stances should you use abrasive or chemical cleaners.
  • Page 12: Warranty & Service

    Warranty & Service You receive a 3-year warranty for this device as of the purchase date. This device has been manufactured with care and meticulously examined before delivery. Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase. In the case of a warranty claim, please get in touch, by telephone, with our service department.
  • Page 13: Importer

    This applies also for replaced or repaired parts. Any damages or defi ciencies found on pur- chase must be reported as soon as possible after unpacking, at the latest two days after the purchase date. After expiry of the warranty period all repairs carried out are to be paid for.

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