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Introduction; Information About These Operating Instructions; Copyright; Notes On Trademarks - Silvercrest SULS 5 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Usb charger
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Information about these operating instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of your new device.
You have selected a high-quality product. The operating instructions are part of this product.
They contain important information about safety, usage and disposal. Before using the product,
please familiarise yourself with all operating and safety instructions. Use the product only as
described and for the range of applications specified. Keep these operating instructions as a
reference and store them near the product. Please pass on all documentation incl. these operat-
ing instructions to any future owner(s), if you sell this product or give it away.


This documentation is protected by copyright. Any copying or reproduction, including in the form
of extracts, or any reproduction of images (even in a modified state), is permitted only with the
written authorisation of the manufacturer.

Notes on trademarks

is a registered trademark of USB Implementers Forum, Inc.
other countries. Usage takes place with the permission of the owner.
Quick Charge
in the United States and other countries. Usage takes place with the permission of the owner.
Samsung is a trademark of Samsung Electronics Inc.
The SilverCrest trademark and the retail name are the property of their respective owner.
All other names and products may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective

Intended use

This device is an information technology device and is intended for charging and operating USB
devices. Reduced charging times for compatible devices are made possible by the use of the
Quick Charge
Compatible connected devices are automatically detected and provided with the appropriate
output voltage and output current from the USB charger. The device is not intended for any other
purpose nor for use beyond the scope described. The device is not intended for use in commer-
cial or industrial environments. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for damage caused by
failure to observe these instructions, improper use or repairs, unauthorised modifications or the
use of unapproved replacement parts. The operator bears sole liability.
GB │ IE │ NI
Quick Charge
Technologies International, Ltd.
is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and
3.0 is a trademark of Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd., registered
3.0 technology at the green USB (A) connection on the device.
3.0 is a product made by Qualcomm



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