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Dual usb charger
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List of pictograms used

P Introduction
We congratulate you on the purchase of your
new product. You have chosen a high quality
product. The instructions for use are part of the
product. They contain important information
concerning safety, use and disposal. Before using
the product, please familiarise yourself with all
of the safety information and instructions for use.
Only use the product as described and for the
specified applications. If you pass the product on
to anyone else, please ensure that you also pass
on all the documentation with it.
P Intended use
This DUAL USB CHARGER (hereinafter called
"product") can be used to supply electronic
devices with power. The product has 2 USB ports
with a total maximum output current of 4.8 A.
When both USB ports are used at the same time,
the maximum output current is 2.4 A for USB port
type A
Direct current / voltage
Alternating current / voltage
Observe caution and safety
Technology to optimise charging
and 2.4 A for USB port type A
GB 5


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