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Test Operation - Pioneer CYB Series Installation Manual

Ductless mini split system air conditioner/heat pump (cooling-only version, cooling and heating version) 9,000-18,000 btu/hr


Close the intake grille, and slide the 2 grille hooks back.


Make sure the control box lids are closed on the indoor and outdoor
Refer to "For the following items, take special care during construction
and check after installation is finished" on page 2.
After finishing the construction of refrigerant piping, drain piping, and
electric wiring, conduct a test operation accordingly to protect the unit. Test
operation after installing decoration panel
Open the gas side stop valve.
2 Open the liquid side stop valve.
3 Electrify the crank case heater for 6 hours.
4 Set to cooling operation with the remote controller, and start
operation by pushing the ON/OFF button.
5 Check the following points. If there is any malfunction, please
resolve it according to the chapter "Troubleshooting" in the
"Owner's Manual".
• The indoor unit:
- Whether the switch on the remote controller works well.
- Whether the buttons on the remote controller work well
- Whether the air flow louver moves normally.
- Whether the room temperature is adjusted well.
- Whether the indicator lights up normally
- Whether the temporary buttons work well.
- Whether there is vibration o「abnormal noise during operation.
- Whether the drainage flows smoothly.
• The outdoor unit:
- Whether there is vibration or abnormal noise during operation.
- Whether the gene
ated wind, noise, or condensed of by the air
conditioner have generated excessive noise in you「neighborhood.
- Whether any of the refrigerant is leaked
6 Turn off the main power supply after operation.
A protection feature prevents the air conditioner from being
activated for approximately 3 minutes when it is restarted
immediately after shut off.

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