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Pioneer Inverter+ WAS Series Installation Manual

Ductless mini split system air conditioner / heat pump 9,000 btu/h. through 36,000 btu/h.
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WAS / WYS Series
WAS: Cooling Only Version
WYS: Cooling and Heating Version
Inverter+ and Inverter++ Models
9,000 BTU/h. through 36,000 BTU/h.
Please read this manual carefully before installing
or operating your new air conditioning system.
Make sure to save this manual for future reference.



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  Summary of Contents for Pioneer Inverter+ WAS Series

  • Page 1: Installation Manual

    DUCTLESS MINI SPLIT SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONER / HEAT PUMP WAS / WYS Series WAS: Cooling Only Version WYS: Cooling and Heating Version ® ® Inverter+ and Inverter++ Models 9,000 BTU/h. through 36,000 BTU/h. Installation Manual CS78421-548-754 IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read this manual carefully before installing or operating your new air conditioning system.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Installation Manual Safety Precautions......Accessories........Installation Summary - Indoor Unit..Unit Parts.......... Indoor Unit Installation..1. Select installation location......2. Attach mounting plate to wall....3. Drill wall hole for connective piping.... 4. Prepare refrigerant piping......5. Connect drain hose........6.
  • Page 3 Refrigerant Piping Connection..A. Note on Pipe Length..........B. Connection Instructions –Refrigerant Piping..... 1. Cut pipe.............. 2. Remove burrs............3. Flare pipe ends............ 4. Connect pipes............. Air Evacuation....1. Evacuation Instructions...... 2. Note on Adding Refrigerant....Electrical and Gas Leak Checks..Test Run..........
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Read Safety Precautions Before Installation Incorrect installation due to ignoring instructions can cause serious damage or injury. The seriousness of potential damage or injuries is classified as either a WARNING or CAUTION. This symbol indicates that ignoring instructions may cause death or serious injury.
  • Page 5 WARNING For all electrical work, follow all local and national wiring standards, regulations, and the Installation Manual. You must use an independent circuit and a dedicated breaker to supply power. Do not connect other appliances to the same circuit. Insufficient electrical capacity or defects in electrical work can cause electrical shock or fire.
  • Page 6: Accessories

    Accessories The air conditioning system comes with the following accessories. Use all of the installation parts and accessories to install the air conditioner. Improper installation may result in water leakage, electrical shock and fire, or cause the equipment to fail. Name Shape Quantity...
  • Page 7 Name Shape Quantity SPLIT-TYPE ROOM AIR CONDITIONER Owner’s Manual Owner’s manual CS78421-548-754 IMPORTANT NOTE: Read this manual carefully before installing or operating your new air conditioning unit. Make sure to save this manual for future reference. SPLIT-TYPE ROOM AIR CONDITIONER Installation Manual Installation manual CS78421-548-754...
  • Page 8: Installation Summary - Indoor Unit

    Installation Summary - Indoor Unit Min. 10~15cm (4~6 in) Min. Min. 8~12cm 8~12cm (3~5 in) (3~5 in) Optimally 2.0~2.6m (80~100 in) Hole can be drilled at either left or right side Recommended Clearances Select Installation Location Determine Wall Hole Position (Page 11) (Page 12) Must be perfectly horizontal...
  • Page 9 USE DOUBLE (BACKUP) WRENCES Connect Piping Prepare Drain Hose Connect Wiring (Page 25) (Page 14) (Page 17) Wrap Piping and Cables together (Page 18) STEP Mount the Indoor Unit (Page 18)   Page 9...
  • Page 10: Unit Parts

    Unit Parts Wall Mounting Plate Front Panel Louver Drainage Pipe Functional Filter (On Front of Main Filter - Some Units) Signal Cable Refrigerant Piping Remote Control Remote Control Holder (Some Units) Outdoor Unit Power Cable (To house power panel) Fig. 2.1 NOTE ON ILLUSTRATIONS Illustrations in this manual are for explanatory purposes.
  • Page 11: Select Installation Location

    Indoor Unit Installation install unit in the following DO NOT Installation Instructions – Indoor locations: Unit Near any source of heat, steam, or combustible gas PRIOR TO INSTALLATION Near flammable items such as curtains or Before installing the indoor unit, refer to the clothing label on the product box to make sure that the system set is a matching set for capacity, voltage...
  • Page 12: Drill Wall Hole For Connective Piping

    Refer to the following diagram to ensure these recommended distances from walls and ceiling: 10~15cm (4~6 in) or more 8~12cm (3~5 in) 8~12cm (3~5in) or more or more 2.0 m (80 in) or more 2.6 m (100 in) or less Fig.
  • Page 13 W all Indoor Outdoor 348mm (13-3/4 in) 179mm (7-1/16in) 101mm (4 in) 136mm (5-3/8in) WS009-17 SEER Indoor unit outline Left rear wall Right rear wall hole 65mm (2-1/2in) 722mm (28-1/2 in) hole 65mm (2-1/2in) 426mm (16-3/4in) 232mm (9-1/8in) 192mm (7-1/2in) WS012-17 SEER 128mm (5-1/16in) WS009-22 SEER...
  • Page 14: Prepare Refrigerant Piping

    3. Use scissors to cut down the length of the Step 4: Prepare refrigerant piping insulating sleeve to reveal about 15cm (6in) The refrigerant piping is inside an insulating of the refrigerant piping. This serves two sleeve attached to the back of the unit. You must purposes: prepare the piping before passing it through the •...
  • Page 15: Connect Drain Hose

    Step 5: Connect drain hose DUAL DRAIN HOLE LOCATIONS EXIST By default, the drain hose is attached to the left- The indoor unit has 2 drain connections on left and hand side of unit (when you’re facing the back right sides. Either one can be utilized. One side will of the unit).
  • Page 16 BEFORE PERFORMING ELECTRICAL WORK, READ THESE REGULATIONS All wiring must comply with local and national electrical codes, and must be installed by a licensed electrician. All electrical connections must be made according to the Electrical Connection Diagram located on the panels of the indoor and outdoor units. If there is a serious safety issue with the power supply, stop work immediately.
  • Page 17: Connect Signal Cable

    Step 6: Connect signal cable TAKE NOTE OF FUSE SPECIFICATIONS The signal cable enables communication between The air conditioner’ s circuit board (PCB) is the indoor and outdoor units. You must first designed with a fuse to provide overcurrent choose the right cable size before preparing it for protection.
  • Page 18: Wrap Piping And Cables

    6. Feed the signal wire through this slot, from DO NOT INTERTWINE SIGNAL CABLE WITH the back of the unit to area near terminals. OTHER WIRES 7. Facing the front of the unit, attach 4 leads of While bundling these items together, do not the signal wire to the 4 terminal positions intertwine or cross the signal cable with any marked as 1-2-3-G (Ground).
  • Page 19 Connect drain hose and refrigerant piping If refrigerant piping is already embedded in (refer to Refrigerant Piping Connection the wall, do the following: section of this manual for instructions). Hook the top of the indoor unit on the upper hook of the mounting plate. Keep pipe connection points exposed to perform the leak test (refer to Electrical Use a bracket or wedge to prop up the unit,...
  • Page 20 Outdoor Unit Installation Installation Instructions – Outdoor Unit Step 1: Select installation location Before installing the outdoor unit, you must choose an appropriate location. The following are standards that will help you choose an appropriate location for the unit. Proper installation locations meets the following standards: ...
  • Page 21 If the drain joint comes with a rubber seal SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR EXTREME (see Fig. 4.4 - A ), do the following: WEATHER Fit the rubber seal on the end of the drain joint If the unit is exposed to heavy wind: that will connect to the outdoor unit.
  • Page 22 Step 3: Anchor the outdoor unit The outdoor unit can be anchored to the ground or to a wall-mounted bracket. UNIT MOUNTING DIMENSIONS Air inlet The following is a list of different Air inlet outdoor unit sizes and the distance between their mounting feet.
  • Page 23: Connect Signal And Power Cables

    If you will install the unit on a wall-mounting BEFORE PERFORMING bracket , do the following: ELECTRICAL WORK, READ THESE REGULATIONS All wiring must comply with local and CAUTION national electrical codes, and must be Before installing a wall-mounted unit, make installed by a licensed electrician.
  • Page 25: Refrigerant Piping Connection

    Refrigerant Piping Connection Note on Pipe Length The length of refrigerant piping will affect the performance and energy efficiency of the unit. Nominal efficiency is tested on units with a pipe length of 5 meters (16 ft). Refer to the table below for specifications on the maximum length and drop height of piping. Maximum Length and Drop Height of Refrigerant Piping per Unit Model Model Capacity (BTU/h)
  • Page 26 DO NOT DEFORM PIPE WHILE CUTTING Flare nut Be extra careful not to damage, kink, or deform the pipe while cutting. This will drastically reduce the efficiency and capacity of the unit and may cause internal damage. Copper pipe Step 2: Remove any burrs carefully. Burrs can affect the air-tight seal of refrigerant piping connection.
  • Page 27 Place flaring tool onto the form. Instructions for Connecting Piping to Turn the handle of the flaring tool clockwise Indoor Unit until the pipe is fully flared. Align the center of the two pipes that you will Remove the flaring tool and flare form, then connect.
  • Page 28 Instructions for Connecting Piping USE SPANNER TO GRAB THE to Outdoor Unit BODY OF THE SERVICE VALVE Torque from tightening the flare nut can snap Unscrew the cover from the packed valve on off other parts of valve. the side of the outdoor unit. (See Fig. 5.9) Valve cover Fig.
  • Page 29 Air Evacuation Preparations and Precautions Evacuation Instructions Air and foreign matter in the refrigerant circuit Before using the manifold gauge and vacuum can cause abnormal rises in pressure, which pump, read their operation manuals to familiarize can damage the air conditioner, reduce its yourself with how to use them properly.
  • Page 30 Open the Low Pressure valve of the manifold gauge. Keep the High Pressure valve closed. Flare nut Turn on the vacuum pump to evacuate the system. Run the vacuum for at least 15 minutes, or until the Compound Meter reads -76cmHG (-100 kPa or -30In Hg).
  • Page 31 Electrical and Gas Leak Checks WARNING – RISK OF Electrical Safety Checks ELECTRIC SHOCK After installation, confirm that all electrical wiring ALL WIRING MUST COMPLY WITH LOCAL is installed in accordance with local and national AND NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODES, regulations, and according to the Installation AND MUST BE INSTALLED BY A LICENSED Manual.
  • Page 32: Test Run

    Test Run List of Checks to Perform PASS/FAIL Before Test Run No electrical leakage Only perform test run after you have completed the following steps: Unit is properly grounded Electrical Safety Checks – Confirm that • the unit’ s electrical system is safe and All electrical terminals operating properly properly covered...
  • Page 33 DOUBLE-CHECK PIPE CONNECTIONS During operation, the pressure of the refrigerant circuit will increase. This may reveal leaks that were not present during your initial leak check. Take time during the Test Run to double-check that all refrigerant pipe connection points are leak free. Refer to the Gas Leak Check section for instructions.
  • Page 34 European Disposal Guidelines This appliance contains refrigerant and other potentially hazardous materials. When disposing of this appliance, the law requires special collection and treatment. Do not dispose of this product as household waste or unsorted municipal waste. When disposing of this appliance, you have the following options: •...
  • Page 35 Indoor Unit Error Codes List ☆ 1 time ☆ ☆ 3 times ☆ ☆ short circuit ☆ short circuit ☆ ☆ ☆ 2 times short circuit ☆ 3 times short circuit ☆ circuit or short circuit ☆ ☆ ☆ 1 times ☆...
  • Page 36 Parker Davis HVAC International, Inc. 2250 NW 102 Place, Doral, FL 33172 - USA : (305) 513-4488 : (305) 513-4499 email : Website: Pioneer product range, parts and supplies are available online for convenient ordering at: CS368I-AB 16122000002333 20161221...

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