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Thank you for choosing Pioneer International Air Conditioners. Please read this
Customer User Guide carefully before operation and keep it handy for future reference.
Pioneer Blade Series
Wall Mounted System



Summary of Contents for Pioneer Blade HPR-09A2

  • Page 1 CUSTOMER USER GUIDE Pioneer Blade Series Wall Mounted System HPR-09A2 HPR-12A2 HPR-18A2 HPR-24A2 Thank you for choosing Pioneer International Air Conditioners. Please read this Customer User Guide carefully before operation and keep it handy for future reference.
  • Page 2 The Refrigerant Your Pioneer air conditioner and heat pump uses hydrocarbon M50 refrigerant. It’s important to be aware that refrigerants are highly flammable, explosive and tasteless. M50 refrigerant must be contained in a sealed unit and concentration levels kept between 2.1% and 9.5% to prevent potential harm.
  • Page 3 Contents Operation Important safety instructions Product overview Operation Guide Operation guide Remote control Buttons on the remote controller Maintenance Cleaning and maintenance Malfunction Problem solving...
  • Page 4 Children should be supervised at all times to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. To avoid serious damage, personal injury or death, it’s essential that this Pioneer heat pump and air conditioner is professionally installed. Please contact a trusted...
  • Page 5 Please read the following instructions carefully before using this appliance: Important safety instructions ● This appliance can be operated by children eight years and older. However, please ensure that children and people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge are instructed carefully, supervised at all times and made aware of the hazards involved.
  • Page 6 ● Beware of electric shocks and fire hazards. If your air conditioner displays an error code, please check the error code list at the end of this document to identify a problem or contact a qualified professional. ● When using the isolation switch to turn the unit on or off, please press the switch with a non-metallic insulating object to avoid electric shock.
  • Page 7 Indoor unit: Outdoor unit: Note: Actual product may look different to the image above. Please refer to actual products.
  • Page 8 Remote control: Display: Wi-Fi Temp.indicator Power indicator...
  • Page 9 Installation batteries Press down on the back of the remote control as shown in the image to the right. Push out the cover of the battery box in the direction of the arrow. Install two AAA batteries. Reinstall the cover of the battery box.
  • Page 11 Buttons on Remote Control On/Off button Press this button to turn the air conditioner on or off. Mode button Press this button to select your required operation mode. ● When selecting auto mode, your air conditioner will operate automatically according to factory settings.
  • Page 12 Buttons on Remote Control 16~31°C • The set temperature range on the remote controller is: • The set fan speeds are: Auto. Fan1, Fan2, Fan3, Fan4, Fan5, Turbo. Fan button Press this button to set fan speed: auto(AUTO), fan1( ), fan2( Fan3( ), fan4( ), fan5(...
  • Page 13 ● When selecting “ ” with remote controller, it’s auto swing. Up&down swing louver of air conditioner will swing up&down automatically at the maximum angle. When selecting “ ” with remote controller, the fixed position ● swing. Up&down swing louver of air conditioner will stop at the position as shown by the icon to swing.
  • Page 14 Buttons on Remote Control button Press this button can select left&right swing angle. Fan blow angle can be selected circularly as below: Note: ● When convert “NO display” into “ ” status, if press this button after 2s, swing status directly turns into “ON display”; if press this button within 2s, swing status changes according to the above order.
  • Page 15 Buttons on Remote Control Sleep button Press this button to turn the sleep function on or off under cooling, dry, and heating mode. Note: ● By default, this function is default switched off when you power on your unit. ● It will be cleared after changing the mode.
  • Page 16 Buttons on Remote Control temperature according to the detected temperature. Press this button again to close i feel function and “ ” will disappear. Note: Please keep the remote controller near the user and confirm the unit can receive the remote code when this function is set.
  • Page 17 Buttons on Remote Control Switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit In the off mode, press “ ” and “ ” buttons simultaneously to switch temperature display between °C and °F . Wi-Fi Press " " and " " buttons for 3 seconds to activate the Wi-Fi setting. Note: This is an optional function.
  • Page 18 Buttons on Remote Control ● Turn off the air conditioner and disconnect the power before cleaning the air conditioner to avoid electric shock. ● Beware of electric shocks. Do not wash the air conditioner with water. ● Do not use abrasive / volatile liquid to clean the air conditioner. Clean surface of indoor unit When the surface of your unit is dirty, we recommend cleaning it with a soft, dry or...
  • Page 19 Buttons on Remote Control Note: ● Clean the filter at least every three months. Clean more frequently if the unit operates in a very dusty environment. ● After removing the filter, do not touch the fins as fins are sharp to avoid injury. ●...
  • Page 20 Buttons on Remote Control Problem solving hints and tips Please check the list below. If the problem can’t be solved, please contact your local dealer or a qualified professional. Problem Possible cause Possible solution Your remote control may have been Pull out the plug.
  • Page 21 Problem Solving Problem Possible cause Possible solution Mist emits from Indoor temperature and humidity When very humid indoor air is indoor unit’s air is high? cooled rapidly, mist may appear. outlet. After running your unit for a while the indoor temperature and humidity will decrease and mist will disperse.
  • Page 22 Problem Solving Error Codes When there is a problem with your air conditioner, the temperature indicator on indoor unit will blink to display an error code. Please see a description of error codes below. Note: This diagram is only for reference. Please refer to your individual product to find the actual indicator and position on the display.
  • Page 23 Indoor unit is leaking. Do not repair or refit the conditioner by yourself. If the air conditioner operates under abnormal conditions, it may cause malfunction, electric shock or fire hazard. Distributed exclusively in New Zealand by EES 0800 337 123 |

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