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Pioneer CYB Series Installation Manual page 12

Ductless mini split system air conditioner/heat pump (cooling-only version, cooling and heating version) 9,000-18,000 btu/hr
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Air Evacuation
BLUE (Low Pressure) Side of Manifold Gauge
Low Pressure Valve
Caution: Systems are precharged with refrigerant (entire amount necessary for the system set has been
charged into the outdoor section). The line sets and the indoor units are not charged, and must be evacuated
prior to releasing the refrigerant from the outdoor unit to the rest of the system.
Do NOT open the valves of the 2 service ports on your outdoor unit until the air evacuation is completed
successfully, and thw system passes leak checks. BOTH of those Service valves MUST BE OPENED to release the
refrigerant before turning the system ON. Operating the system with service valves closed will result in
compressor damage.
Preparations and Precautions
Air and foreign matter in the refrigerant circuit
can cause abnormal rises in pressure, which
can damage the air conditioner, reduce its
efficiency, and cause injury. Use a vacuum pump
and manifold gauge to evacuate the line set and the
indoor unit, removing any non-condensable gas
and moisture from the system.
Evacuation should be performed upon initial
installation, and when unit is relocated.
C heck to make sure that both LIQUID
SIDE and GAS SIDE pipes between
the indoor and outdoor units are
connected properly, in accordance with the
Refrigerant Piping Connection section of
this manual.
C heck to make sure all wiring is connected
Before using the manifold gauge and vacuum
pump, read their operation manuals to familiarize
yourself with how to use them properly.
BLUE (Low Pressure) Gauge
YELLOW (Common) Side of Manifold Gauge
RED (High Pressure) Gauge
RED (High Pressure) Side of Manifold Gauge
Evacuation Instructions
Low pressure gauge
Low Pressure Valve
Blue (low) Hose
Service Valve
Service Valve
Outdoor Unit Service Valve Set (GAS and LIQUID Valves)
Connect the blue (low side) hose of the manifold
gauge to the service port on the outdoor unit' s
GAS SIDE valve (use a 1/4" to 5/16" port adapter if
needed, which is sold separately)
Connect the yellow (middle or common ) hose from
the manifold gauge to the vacuum pump.
High Pressure Valve
Manifold Gauge
High Pressure Gauge
High Pressure
Yellow (middle) Hose
Fig. 6.1
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