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Using Existing Pots And Pans; Recommended Pan Base Diameters; Installation - KitchenAid KHIP5 90510 Instructions For Use Manual

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Using existing pots and pans

Use a magnet to check whether your pots and pans are suitable for using on the induction hob: If the
magnet does not stick to the item's base, it will not work on the hob.
- Make sure that pots and pans have a smooth base, otherwise they may scratch the glass ceramic
surface of the hob. Check dishes as well.
- Never place hot pots or pans on the hob's control panel as they may damage it.

Recommended pan base diameters

dia. 30 cm
dia. 24 cm
dia. 18 cm
IMPORTANT: Refer to the "SENSOR" section for information on the correct pan base diameters for
cooking zones with the SENSOR function.
If adapter plates (not provided) are used or a pan is empty, the internal temperature of the system will
exceed the set limit and the power supply to the hob will be switched off.
This happens to protect the internal components from overloading.
We recommend switching off the hob and allowing the cooking zone to cool down to the temperature
at which the indicators on the control panel switch off.


After unpacking the hob, check that it has not been damaged during
transit. If in doubt, contact your dealer or our after-sales service.
- Install a separator panel under the hob.
- The lower part of the product must not be accessible after
- If there is an oven beneath the hob, do not install the separator
• Observe the clearances between the underside of the appliance and
the separator panel below it given in the figure.
• Failure to observe the minimum clearance between the hob and the
top of the unit may prevent the product from working correctly.
• Cut the worktop to size before installing the hob and carefully remove
any shavings or sawdust.
• If an oven is installed beneath the hob, make sure it has a cooling system.
• If flush mounting the product, call our after-sales service to fit the set of screws supplied with the
product (4801 211 00112).
• Do not install the hob above a dishwasher or washing machine, as its electronic circuitry could
become damaged by steam and humidity.
dia. 14 cm
(dual zone) - 30 cm
dia. 17 cm - 24 cm
dia. 14 cm - 18 cm
dia. 28 cm
dia. 21 cm
dia. 14.5 cm
dia. 18 cm
dia. 14 cm
(dual zone) - 28 cm
dia. 15 cm - 21 cm
dia. 11 cm - 14.5 cm
min 20 mm
min 5 mm



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