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Chapter-2: Safety Information And Recommendations Recycling - Sharp QW-GD52I472X-EU User Manual

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• Recyclable materials are used in certain components and packaging.
• Plastic parts are marked with international abbreviations: (>PE< , >PS< ,
>POM<, >PP<, )
• Cardboard parts have been produced from recycled paper which should be
disposed of into waste paper collection containers for recycling.
• Such materials are not suitable for garbage bins. They should be delivered to
recycling centres instead.
• Contact the relevant centre in order to obtain information on methods and
points of disposal.
Safety Information
When you take delivery of your machine
• If you see any damage on your machine's packaging, please notify your
• Unwrap the packaging materials as indicated and dispose of them in
accordance with the rules.
Points to pay attention to during machine installation
• Choose a suitable, safe and level place to install your machine.
• Carry out the installation and connection of your machine by following the
• We recommend that the machine is installed by an authorised installer, and
should only be serviced by an approved technician.
• Only original spare parts should be used with the machine.
• Before installing, be sure that the machine is unplugged.
• Check whether the indoor electrical fuse system is connected according to
• All electrical connections must match values on the rating plate.
• Be sure that the machine does not stand on the electricity supply cable.
• Never use an extension cord or a multiple socket for making a connection.
The plug should be comfortably accessible after installation.
• After installation, run it unloaded for the first time.
In daily use
• This machine is for household use; do not use it for any other purpose.
Commercial usage of the dishwasher will void the guarantee.
• Do not use detergents and rinse aids that are not specifically designed for
dishwashers. Improper of such items may invalidate the warranty.
• Due to risk of explosion, do not put into the machine's washing section any
chemical dissolving agents such as solvents.
• Check whether plastic items are heat-resistant before washing.