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Troubleshooting - AEG HG674550 User Manual

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cleaning, wipe the hob dry with a soft
• To clean the enamelled parts, cap
and crown, wash them with warm
soapy water and dry them carefully
before you put them back on.
7.5 Cleaning the spark plug
This feature is obtained through a
ceramic ignition candle with a metal


Refer to Safety chapters.
8.1 What to do if...
There is no spark when you
try to activate the spark gen-
The flame extinguishes im-
mediately after ignition.
The flame ring is uneven.
8.2 If you cannot find a
If you cannot find a solution to the
problem yourself, contact your dealer or
an Authorised Service Centre. Give the
data from the rating plate. Make sure,
you operated the hob correctly. If not the
electrode. Keep these components well
clean to prevent difficult lighting and
check that the burner crown holes are
not obstructed.
7.6 Periodic maintenance
Speak to your local Authorised Service
Centre periodically to check the
conditions of the gas supply pipe and
the pressure adjuster, if fitted.
Possible cause
The hob is not connected to
an electrical supply or it is
connected incorrectly.
The fuse is blown.
Burner cap and crown are
placed incorrectly.
Thermocouple is not heated
up sufficiently.
Burner crown is blocked with
food residues.
servicing by a service technician or
dealer will not be free of charge, also
during the warranty period. The
instructions about the Service Centre and
conditions of guarantee are in the
guarantee booklet.
Check if the hob is correctly
connected to the electrical
Make sure that the fuse is
the cause of the malfunction.
If the fuse is blown again
and again, contact a quali-
fied electrician.
Place the burner cap and
crown correctly.
After lightning the flame,
keep the knob pushed for
equal or less than 10 sec-
Make sure that the injector is
not blocked and the burner
crown is clean.