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Technical Data - AEG HG674550 User Manual

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B. supplied brackets
Install the appliance only on
a worktop with flat surface.
9.8 Possibilities for insertion
The panel installed below the hob must
be easy to remove and let an easy access
in case a technical assistance
intervention is necessary.
Kitchen unit with oven
The electrical connection of the hob and
the oven must be installed separately for
safety reasons and to let easy remove
oven from the unit.
9.9 Testing appliance
Servicing must only be
carried out by an authorised
service person.
After installation, test the appliance and
check if it operates correctly.
1. Turn on the gas and electricity
supply, and attempt ignition on all
burners, separately and in
combination. It takes additional time


10.1 Overall hob dimensions
Hob dimensions
to light the gas for the first time. Air
is purged from the pipes.
2. Observe the flame appearance on
each burner. Check the injector size
and supply pressure require if the
flame is much larger or much smaller
than expected. If you can not solve
the problem, contact the After Sales
3. Check the turndown (minimum or
low) setting on each burner, it may
need adjustment. Valves have a
bypass controlling screw, which you
can accessed by removing the knob.
Bypass are set at the factory for use
on natural gas and should not
require adjustment.
If the appliance is converted to LPG,
screw the bypass in until a small,
stable flame results.
Before any adjustment check the
supply pressure.
4. If you cannot adjust to perform safely
the appliance, inform the customer
of the problem and affix an
appropriate warning notice to the
appliance. Disconnect the appliance
if the fault is dangerous. If a minor
fault exists, the customer may use the
appliance while awaits for the
If you cannot fix the
fault, please contact the
After Sales Service.
5. When the appliance operates
correctly, turn off and instruct the
customer on correct operation
following the User Manual. Check if
the customer understand the
procedure correctly.
590 mm
520 mm