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Pan Supports; Cleaning The Hob - AEG HG674550 User Manual

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7.2 Pan supports

The pan supports are not
resistant to washing in a
dishwasher. They must be
washed by hand.
1. Remove the pan supports to easily
clean the hob.
Be very careful when you
replace the pan supports
to prevent the hob top
from damage.
2. The enamel coating occasionally can
have rough edges, so be careful
when you wash the pan supports by
hand and dry them. If necessary,
remove stubborn stains with a paste
3. After you clean the pan supports,
make sure that they are in correct
4. For the burner to operate correctly,
make sure that the arms of the pan
supports are aligned with the centre
of the burner.
7.3 Removing pan supports
To keep the pan supports in the correct
position, they are put on metal pins
installed in the rear side of the hob. For
easier cleaning, pan supports can be
removed from the hob. Lift up the pan
supports keeping them in horizontal
position as shown in the graphic.
Do not lift the pan supports
at an angle, as this will put
strain on the metal pins. This
can cause damage to the
pins and cause them to
The shape of pan supports and the
amount of burners can be different in
other models of the appliance.

7.4 Cleaning the hob

• Remove immediately: melted plastic,
plastic foil, sugar and food with sugar.
If not, the dirt can cause damage to
the hob. Take care to avoid burns.
• Remove when the hob is sufficiently
cool: limescale rings, water rings, fat
stains, shiny metallic discoloration.
Clean the hob with a moist cloth and
non-abrasive detergent. After