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AEG HG674550 User Manual page 14

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9.2 Gas Connection
The following instructions
about installation,
connection and
maintenance must be
carried out by qualified
personnel in compliance
with the local gas fitting
regulations, municipal
building codes, electrical
wiring regulations and other
relevant statutory
regulations, and with
AS/NZS 5601.1 Gas
Installations Part 1: General
Installations, and AS/NZS
5601.2 Gas Installations Part
2: LP Gas installations in
caravans and boats for non-
propulsive purposes, or the
relevant installation code for
gas appliances in your
This appliance is supplied
for use with Natural Gas.
However, it can be
converted for use with LPG
using the installation kit
Make sure that the gas
supply pressure obeys the
recommended values. The
nut at the end of the shaft
connects to the R 1/2"
parallel thread on the elbow
union. The connection is
sealed using the supplied
sealing washer.
A. End of shaft with nut
B. Washer supplied with the appliance
C. Elbow supplied with the appliance
Supply pipe sizing
The total hourly gas consumption for the
appliance is shown on the data label.
The required supply pressure (i.e. at inlet
to appliance regulator) for each gas type
is shown on the data label, refer to the
Technical data chapter. Use this
information in conjunction with the
length of run, number of elbows, tees
and bends, the available service pressure
and the supply requirements of other
installed appliances to determine a
suitable pipe size. For assistance in this
matter refer to the appropriate section of
AS/NZS 5601.1 or AS/NZS 5601.2.
An AGA certified class B or D flexible
connection can be used to connect the
cooktop in accordance with AS/NZS
5601.1, in particular section 5.9 and
clause, or AS/NZS 5601.2, in
particular section 2.11. Where a hose
assembly is used and the cooktop is in
the installed position, the hose assembly
shall be suitable for connection to a fixed
consumer piping outlet located at a
point 800 – 850mm above the floor and
in the region outside the width of the
appliance to a distance of 250mm. The
point of connection to consumer piping
must be accessible with appliance
Be careful the hose does not come in
touch with mobile parts or is not
squeezed. Also be careful when the hob
is put together with an oven. Ensure that
the hose assembly is restrained from
accidental contact with the flue outlet of
an underbench oven or any other hot
surface of an adjacent appliance.
The regulator must be positioned that
the pressure test nipple is accessible
when the appliance is installed. Connect
the gas supply to the ½ B.S.P. internal
thread inlet of the regulator. Refer to
worktop cut out for connection point