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AEG HG674550 User Manual page 16

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4. Unscrew the top hat nut from the
regulator (B). The top hat nut and
control pressure spring assembly is
disengage as an assembly.
5. Unscrew the threaded pin from top
hat (C).
6. Upturn threaded pin, spring is free
and screw pin back into the top hat
until firm (E).
7. Refit the top hat nut assembly to the
regulator (G), check that it is fully
screwed down. The regulator is now
set for connection to LPG (H).
8. Turn on the gas supply. Use soapy
water to check for leaks. Each
hotplate valve should be turned on,
one at a time, and the injector hole
blanked off for several seconds.
9. The operation of the regulator can
be confirmed by connecting a
manometer to the pressure test point
located on the side of the regulator
body adjacent to the outlet.
While the appliance operates check the
outlet pressure:
• when all burners of the appliance
operate at maximum,
• when the smallest burner of the
appliance operates at minimum.
The outlet pressure should
not vary from the nominal
outlet pressure of 2.60kPa by
more than +/–0.52kPa.
top hat nut assembly
fully screwed down
configuration for
natural gas
If the regulator works incorrectly:
• Adjust of upstream regulator if the
outlet and inlet pressure is to slow or
an upstream regulator or valve with
insufficient flow capacity present in
the gas supply line.
• Check again the inlet and outlet
pressure, the inlet pressure have to
have 2.75 - 7kPa.
• Check if the insert is fitted correctly.
• Check if the turret screw is fully
screwed down.
• Check if the inlet and outlet is
orientated correctly the arrow on the
base of the regulator indicates the
direction of gas flow.
If the regulator still does not
work correctly contact the
After Sales Service.
turn top
hat nut
and remove
for LPG