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Electrical Connection - AEG HG674550 User Manual

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9.4 Adjustment of minimum
To adjust the minimum level of the
1. Light the burner.
2. Turn the knob on the minimum
3. Remove the knob.
4. With a thin screwdriver, adjust the
bypass screw position (A).
5. If you change:
• from Natural Gas 1kPa to LPG,
fully tighten the bypass screw in.
• from LPG to Natural Gas 1kPa,
undo the bypass screw
approximately 1/4 of a turn (1/2 of
a turn for Multi Crown burner).
Make sure the flame does
not go out when you quickly
turn the knob from the
maximum position to the
minimum position.

9.5 Electrical connection

The appliance is supplied with a
standard 7.5 Amp service cord
terminated by a 3-pin plug for
connection to a standard household
socket. The electrical supply is required
to power the electronic ignition system.
To disconnect the electrical
power supply, it is necessary
to service. After installation,
the power point should be
accessible according to local
wiring regulations.
• Make sure that the rated voltage and
type of power on the rating plate
agree with the voltage and the power
of the local power supply.
• This appliance is supplied with a
mains cable and a plug.
• Always use a correctly installed
shockproof socket.
• Make sure that there is an access to
the mains plug after the installation.
• Do not pull the mains cable to
disconnect the appliance. Always pull
the mains plug.
• There is a risk of fire when the
appliance is in connection with an
extension cable, an adapter or a
multiple connection. Make sure that
the ground connection agrees with
the standards and regulations.
• Do not let the power cable to heat up
to a temperature higher than 90° C.
Make sure that you connect
the blue neutral cable to the
terminal with a letter "N" on
it. Connect the brown (or
black) phase cable to the
terminal which has a letter
"L". Keep the phase cable
connected at all times.
220-240 volts AC
Disconnect from
supply before
removing panel
To prevent contact between
the cable and the appliance
below the hob use the
clamps which are on the side
of the cabinet.
9.6 Connection cable
To replace the connection cable use only
the special cable or its equivalent. The
cable type is: H05SS-FT180.
Make sure that the cable section is
applicable to the voltage and the
working temperature. The yellow / green
earth wire must be approximately 2 cm
longer than the brown (or black) phase
ignition box
to burner spark plugs