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Maintenance - Mitsubishi Electric JT-S2AP-S-NE Instruction Manual

Jet towel hand dryer
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Always turn off the ground-fault circuit
interrupter during maintenance work.
Failure to do so may result in an electric
Do not allow water to get on the unit.
This may cause electric shocks or
You can use alcohol to wipe the unit exterior (except for the metal parts of the unit cover of JT-
S2AP). However, alcohol should be completely wiped off after cleaning.
(Failure to do so may damage the surface of the unit, or cause discolouration or cracking.)
※ Do not spray alcohol directly onto the unit.
Do not use any of the following cleaning materials
Acid, alkaline or chlorine detergents
based detergents
Please also refrain from using nylon scourers or abrasives.
(They may damage the surface of the unit or cause discolouration or cracking.)
Disinfectants cause damage to the unit.
Do not turn the power on when your hands or an object are inside the hand drying area after


The sensitivity of the sensor may be reduced if the power is turned on while your hands or
objects are inside the hand drying area.
If the sensor sensitivity is low, turn the ground-fault circuit interrupter off, wait 1 minute and turn
the ground-fault circuit interrupter on again.
Prevent scratching on the front cover. Rust may form on the scratched area.
(JT-S2AP only)
When cleaning the unit, use a neutral detergent.
(Please do not use plant-based detergents as they may cause damage to plastic parts.)
When using a chemical cloth, be sure to follow the instructions carefully.
Factors such as rust may shorten the working life of the unit.
(Damage to the unit caused by the use of prohibited agents such as solvents, detergents, and abrasives
(also damage due to factors such as rust) is not covered by the warranty.)
The area that has undergone antibacterial processing (the shaded area in the
right fi gure) produces antibacterial effects when bacteria adhere to the surface.
(The antibacterial effects are not produced when the surface is unclean.)
Mould and mildew removers
Wear gloves during maintenance work.
Not doing so may result in injuries.
Solvents such as thinner or benzene
※ The front cover of JT-S2AP is not antibacterial.
Citrus- based or other plant-



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