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Mitsubishi Electric JT-SB116EH-W-CA Installation Manual

Hand dryer
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Hand Dryer
Installation Manual
The Instruction Manual and Usage Sticker are for the customer, and should be handed over together with the unit.
Read this manual thoroughly before beginning installation to ensure the unit is installed safely and correctly.
Local installation standards should be obeyed and installation should be performed by a qualified professional.

Safety precautions

Do not attempt installation with the power on in the unit (supply mains).
This may cause electrical shock.
Do not use at locations where salt damage may occur or where corrosive, neutral or reductive gas
are present.
Failure to do any of the above may cause fire, electric shock or trouble.
Do not modify or disassemble more than necessary.
This may cause fire, electric shock, or injury.
Do not remove the heater.
Do not disassemble
It may cause fire, electric shock or injury.
Do not install in shower room or other locations with a great deal of humidity in the air, where
condensation may form on the unit, or where the unit may come in direct contact with water.
This may cause electric shock or malfunction.
Do not use in shower room
Use a single-phase alternating current 120V power supply.
Voltage in excess of 120V+10% may cause mechanical failure, so stay within the rated range.
Using an incorrect power supply may cause fire, electric shock, or malfunction.
Electrical wiring work should be done by a certified professional in conformance with local standards.
Incorrect wiring can cause electric shocks and fire.
Be sure to install a ground-fault circuit interrupter.
Lack of one may cause electric shock.
Follow instructions
A means for disconnection must be incorporated in the fixed wiring in accordance with the wiring rules.
This appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons unless they are adequately
supervised by a responsible person to ensure that they can use the appliance safely.
Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
Be sure the unit is properly grounded.
Lack of a proper ground may cause electric shock during malfunction or short circuit.
Grounded connection
Do not install the unit in places where vandalism might occur.
Vandalism may cause malfunction.
Install in a location strong enough to support the weight of the unit.
Injury may be cause by the unit falling.
Wear gloves when installing the unit.
Follow instructions
Not doing so may cause injury.
The following may lead to death or serious
personal injury if done incorrectly.
The following may lead to injury or damage to
buildings or their contents if done incorrectly
Single-phase 120VAC
For dealers and installers



  Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric JT-SB116EH-W-CA

  • Page 1: Safety Precautions

    0612874HD7001 Hand Dryer Model Single-phase 120VAC JT-SB116EH-W-CA For dealers and installers Installation Manual The Instruction Manual and Usage Sticker are for the customer, and should be handed over together with the unit. Read this manual thoroughly before beginning installation to ensure the unit is installed safely and correctly.
  • Page 2 Names and Dimensions of Parts Accessories Installation panel screws (5x30 self-tapping) Installation panel Clip Clip mounting screw Terminal block Power cord hole (rear) Terminal block Drain tank Air filter Heater Unit:mm...
  • Page 3: When Installing

    When installing Do not install in the following types of location, as this may cause malfunction. ● Locations where the temperature could be lower than 0˚C or higher than 40˚C. ● Locations where the humidity could be lower than 5%RH or higher than 95%RH. ●...
  • Page 4: Installation

    Installation Warning Do not use socket-outlets near water. (Follow local standards and guidelines) Important! Follow instructions ● Make sure that the power supply is a single-phase alternating current 120V. ● Make sure that a ground-fault circuit interrupter is installed in the fixed wiring. ●...
  • Page 5: Remove The Front Panel

    Installation (Continued) 1. Remove the front panel. Remove screws (2 pcs). Disengage the front panel at its groove from the Front panel Groove unit. Then remove the panel. mounting screw Front panel Unit 2. Remove the terminal cover Terminal cover Terminal block Remove the terminal cover mounting-screw.
  • Page 6 Installation (Continued) Make wiring on the terminal block. Remove the wire sheath for 15 mm from the end. Terminal block Connect the ground wire using the ground screw, provided at the right side of the terminal block, and washer. ● Use the washer at the position as illustrated at right.
  • Page 7: Test Run

    Test run What to check for Check Step Check power supply voltage Is single-phase alternating current 120V being used? Turn the ground-fault circuit interrupter on Turn on power by using the means for disconnection Turn the power switch on Is the power lamp in the display on ? Dry hands Is the air blowing? Turn the air speed knob while inserting the...
  • Page 8 1-3 Komaba-cho, Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan...